Tier List for Best Classes in Hero Siege
Hero Siege Best Classes Tier List

Hero Siege Best Classes Tier List (June 2024)

Hero Siege Season 4 really made major tweaks to the classes.

Hero Siege Season 4 is out now, and both new and old players are jumping into the action. We’ve also spent a good time playing the game and checking out the buffs and debuffs the classes got after the update. So, to guide the newer and veteran players who are stepping into this procedurally generated world, we’ve created this Hero Siege best classes tier list. It’ll rank all the classes into tiers S to D according to their overall characteristics.

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Tier List For Best Classes in Hero Siege

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Table of Best Classes in Hero Siege

SJötunn, Marksman, Amazon, Stormweaver
ANomad, Redneck, Demon Slayer, Pyromancer, Demonspawn
BPaladin, White Mage, Pirate, Samurai, Marauder, Shaman
CShield Lancer, Necromancer, Exo, Butcher
DViking, Illusionist, Plague Doctor

Now, we’ve ranked all these classes according to their overall stats. Butcher is the best, especially considering the buffs its attacks got in this latest season. Pyromancer, Necromancer, Paladin, and Shaman have seen the most changes in this new update. We’d go out on a limb and say the devs almost reworked these classes. This also ended up disrupting their rankings in the tier list.

What Are the Best Hero Siege Classes?

In Hero Siege, all classes are now balanced effectively, unlike previous updates where some classes had excessive power. For example, if the Marksman is swift, boasts high accuracy, and can target multiple hostiles. However, it’s also weak in close quarters.

So, we would avoid just picking up the S-Tier classes in hopes they’re the best. Instead, try out some classes from different tiers and check out their playstyle before making a final decision.

If you’re interested in reading up on all the changes in Hero Siege season 4, we recommend checking out the official patch notes. Got stuck in the Hunger Issue quest from Ahriman and can’t find your way around? Our guide on the Hero Siege Hunger Issue quest will help you out. If you’re interested in Gacha games, we also recommend checking out our Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list or Wuthering Waves character guide on Changli.

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