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Best Mobile RPG Games You Can Play Right Now


Best Mobile RPG Games You Can Play Right Now

Best Mobile RPG Games

The mobile market has been booming over the past few years, with developers porting over their RPGs and spin-offs. There’s a long list of role-playing games you can download for your phone or tablet, but we’ve narrowed down the best titles for you. Here are all of the best mobile RPG games you can get right now.

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Chrono Trigger fans will be pleased to hear that the developers have created a new game with the same time-traveling tale. Another Eden if a mobile RPG that sends players on a vast adventure through time and space through the eyes of a young man named Aldo.

He teams up with a group of ragtag heroes coming from the past, present, and future to save their world from a terrible future. While there are tons of other characters you can unlock, this mobile RPG doesn’t pressure players into spending stones for better units. In fact, you can even pick a strong unit for your team as soon as you start the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Best Mobile RPG Games

Nintendo’s made a breakthrough in the mobile market with Fire Emblem Heroes. This RPG is based on their iconic strategy game and comes complete with a new story and cast of unique characters. Fire Emblem Heroes condenses the strategic formula with smaller maps and simpler combat but makes up for it with a ton of familiar faces from the series.

Players can collect a slew of heroes from the Fire Emblem series through the gacha system. Nintendo’s mobile RPG boasts some high rates drop rates and is pretty generous with their free Orbs – the in-game currency. Those looking for an on-the-go Fire Emblem experience should definitely turn to this game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

The Final Fantasy series is no stranger to the mobile market, with games such as Brave Exvius and Record Keeper alive and thriving. Opera Omnia, on the other hand, is a love letter to series veterans, being the most ambitious crossover game yet. This Dissidia game contains characters from all over the Final Fantasy series and continues the Dissidia storyline from the PS4 game.

While there is a gacha system, players can get all of the characters for free. Instead, players will be earning their weapons through gems, which are generously distributed within the game. Opera Omnia also boasts a fun multiplayer experience that lets you team up with two other players to tackle bosses in strategic turn-based combat.

Final Fantasy IX – Best Mobile RPG Games

Apart from their original mobile RPG games, Square Enix has also been porting some of their older Final Fantasy titles to smartphones and tablets. Final Fantasy IX is the latest port and holds up extremely well for touchscreen devices. The port is praised for its intuitive controls and updated models, marking a nearly port of the Final Fantasy classic.

The story follows a thief named Zidane who’s tasked with kidnapping the princess of Alexandria, Garnet. After getting caught up in a series of events, he and his group set off to save the world from a megalomaniac named Kuja. This mobile RPG will tide you over until Square Enix comes around to finally remaking it.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

War of the Lions is another celebrated FF classic, and you can play it on your mobile device. While the controls aren’t as streamlined as FFXI, there’s still plenty to enjoy in this port. The game has around just the same content as the PSP version, meaning you can unlock all of the extra characters and Cloud. It’s worth noting that multiplayer is missing, so you won’t be able to battle others.

The game centers around a young man named Ramza who is a respected member of House Beoulve. While he fights to uphold his family name, Ramza begins to learn more about the political chaos swirling around Ivalice only to become part of it. It’s a solid story that’s packed with content, packaged together as one of the best mobile RPG games you can get.

Monster Hunter Stories – Best Mobile RPG Games

Originally a 3DS game, Capcom had ported over their mobile RPG game to Android and iOS last year. Monster Hunter Stories is the exact same game on the Nintendo handheld that even comes with some updated graphics, streamlined UI for touchscreen devices, and an auto-save feature.

Monster Hunter Stories strays from the typical hunting formula and places you in the role of a Rider who tames monsters instead of slaying them. This MH game comes with a completely new storyline and tons of familiar faces you can recruit on your team. There’s also a new turn-based battle system that lets you fight side-by-side with the monsters you’ve managed to tame.

Stardew Valley

Now you can take your farming feats on the go with Stardew Valley on mobile devices. The indie hit has been optimized for iOS (and soon for Android devices), letting you take your farm wherever you want. On top of that, this version has been updated with all of the new content from the PC and Switch versions.

One downside about the mobile port is the lack of multiplayer, so you won’t be able to start a farm with your friends. Still, you can import save data from the PC version and continue farming from where you left off.

Langrisser – Best Mobile RPG Games

Another popular strategy series, Langrisser, has joined the market with a new mobile game. The self-titled spin-off aims to bring back all of the classic Langrisser action, featuring large maps and a ton of characters from the series. Players can also follow a new storyline and partake in all sorts of tactical quests to earn materials to earn more units or upgrade existing ones.

Those who aren’t familiar with the franchise can follow streamlined stories from its many different games. Players can relive the tales in games such as Langrisser II and III, battling the same enemies with their own units. If anything, this mobile RPG game is a great entry for those who’ve always been interested in this tactical series.

Star Ocean Anamnesis

The Star Ocean series has even gotten its own mobile spin-off, Anamnesis, featuring gorgeous graphics and a new storyline to follow. This time around, you play as a captain of your own ship who travels with a mysterious woman named Eve and a wacky robot called Coro. The three of you embark on your own adventures, often fighting different creatures in outer space.

Using Eve’s powers, you can summon all sorts of characters from the Star Ocean series. Anamnesis follows the same real-time combat from the main series, with characters having access to their own classes and skills. You can upgrade your units with materials earned from events, which Anamensis has plenty of. The game’s known for its collaboration with other franchises, such as NieR: Automata, Brave Exvius, and even Sakura Wars.

Chrono Trigger – Best Mobile RPG Games

If Another Eden isn’t cutting it out for you, Chrono Trigger is also available to play on mobile devices. This beloved role-playing series is fully playable on your smartphone and tablet, and it’s optimized to near perfection. Despite the rocky release, Square Enix had released much-needed updates that smoothed out most of its abhorrent issues.

The story follows a young man named Crono who gets caught up in a time-traveling adventure with his friend, Lucca, and a princess named Marle. Together, they embark on a grand journey through time to save their future from utter annihilation. With its expansive storyline with strategic turn-based combat, Chrono Trigger still stands as one of the best mobile RPG games in the market.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Arguably one of the best Dragon Quest games, Square Enix has optimized Hand of the Heavenly with simple, yet intuitive touchscreen controls. Dragon Quest V spans across three generations, starting with your character as a kid. The story follows his family’s adventures as heroes, all strung into one epic tale.

Hand of the Heavenly Bride also features a monster friending system that lets you recruit beasts on your journey. With monsters in your party, you can customize your team and form unique strategies in combat. Couple these factors with the game’s charming 2D art style, and you have another great mobile RPG game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Best Mobile RPG Games

There have been a handful of different Star Wars games in the past, but Knights of the Old Republic is still one of the best ones in series. Now a mobile RPG game, fans can take this hefty adventure with them on their mobile device. Knights of the Old Republic lets you create your own character in the Star Wars universe, featuring a completely new storyline.

The game boasts real-time combat with a tactical twist, letting you pause time and assign actions to your characters. What makes the game so good are the numerous side quests you can take up, keeping you busy upon hours on end. If you’re looking for one of the best mobile RPG games to sink your time into, look no further than Knights of the Old Republic.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

The PS1 classic was ported over to the PSP before finally making its way to Android and iOS. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth tells the tales of departed souls known as einherjar who are chosen to become soldiers. The game’s overarching story is comprised of sub-plots that tell the heartwrenching tales of these fallen warriors.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth keeps the same turn-based system found in most JRPGs, but mixes things up with a combo system. You can string attacks together to prevent enemies from defending or recovering, catching them off guard. If you’re a big fan of the Valkyrie Profile series, Square Enix will be launching a new mobile spin-off based on the series.

Chaos Rings III – Best Mobile RPG Games

The Chaos Rings trilogy is an exclusive mobile RPG series developed by Square Enix. The third game in particular strays from its two predecessors and introduces a new narrative and cast. Players take the role of a young man who sets off on an epic journey in the floating continent of New Paleo – a land flocked by adventurers.

Chaos Rings III has a highly flexible combat system that revolves around collectible cards called Genes. These cards provide different skills that you can mix and match to create powerful abilities in combat. Each character can equip genes to use in the turn-based battles. Despite all of its differences, Chaos Rings III is still a solid entry in the mobile game series.

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation: Dx2

The demon collecting series has gotten its own mobile spin-off titled Shin Megami Tensei Liberation: Dx2. Everything you’d expect from an SMT game is here, from monster fusion to dungeon exploration. Dx2 boasts some impressive graphics and 3D models of iconic demons from the series.

While Dx2 does implement a gacha system, players can earn demons by fusing their old ones. They can also earn resources to strengthen their team and bring out their full potential. Like some gacha games, Dx2 is starting to hold collaborations with other games. While it isn’t a full-fledged entry, SMT Dx2 still offers a solid handheld experience, making it one of the best mobile RPG games you can download for free.

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