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Monster Hunter Stories Launch Trailer Shows the Day in the Life of a Rider

Monster Hunter Stories


Monster Hunter Stories Launch Trailer Shows the Day in the Life of a Rider

Befriending monsters and all that jazz.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories, is launching for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems tomorrow and Nintendo has treated us to a new trailer to commemorate the launch of title. The trailer showcases a day in the life of a rider and the main gameplay mechanics that the players will be getting themselves into.

Monster Hunter Stories throws your typical, hardcore Monster Hunter combat and throws it all away for a chibi-looking, more accessible entry into the franchise. Instead of hunting huge wyverns and monsters, you’ll be taking on the role of a Rider, who befriends Monsters instead of hunting them down. You can check out the new trailer right here, which is chock-full of info for first-timers:

Monster Hunter Stories launches tomorrow (Sep. 8) for the Nintendo 3DS. There is a demo available on the eShop now that lets you play the first few hours of the game and allows you to transfer over the save file from the demo into the main game. There are some key differences between Monster Hunter Stories and the mainline entries; if you would like to know more on that, make sure to read about those differences right here.


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