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What’s Different in Monster Hunter Stories? Everything You Need to Know


What’s Different in Monster Hunter Stories? Everything You Need to Know

This spin-off shakes things up and makes a great entry point for newcomers.

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Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise is well-known for its brutal, grindy, and action oriented gameplay. You set out on quests to defeat certain boss monsters and it can take up to thirty minutes to attempt to capture and/or kill said monster. You obtain loot from the monsters and use those materials to create stronger weapons and armor so you can face even more formidable foes by taking higher-level quests. Monster Hunter Stories shakes things up a bit by putting you in the role of a monster rider instead of a hunter. Stories takes place in a village that believes monsters are to be fought alongside with, instead of being killed and hunted. The townspeople believe that hunters outside of the town are downright cruel.

Being a rider, you can form bonds with monsters and add them to your party, similar to Pokemon; they gain experience, level up, and learn new skills that can be used in and outside of battle. Monster Hunter Stories takes the action-focused combat from mainline Monster Hunter and turns it into a traditional turn-based RPG, which the serie has never done before.

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