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Bungie Faces Fan Backlash Over Destiny 2 Armor Re-Coloring System

Destiny 2 Shaders

Bungie Faces Fan Backlash Over Destiny 2 Armor Re-Coloring System

What do you think about the new system?

Destiny 2 players are angry. A sizable portion of players have been raging on internet message boards about the game’s “shaders,” which allow players to change the color of their character’s armor, since the game’s launch yesterday.

In the original Destiny, shaders were reusable items giving players who unlocked them the permanent ability to change their entire armor back and forth from each shader’s associated color scheme. Destiny 2’s shaders allow more customization by coloring individual armor pieces, but they are single-use items. That makes it difficult for players to gather enough of the same color to make their entire armor set match and impossible for players to swap in previously used shaders.

Further, while players can collect shaders in batches just by playing Destiny 2, Bungie also sells shaders in microtransactions.

Player reaction to this change has not been subtle. “Can we organize a public beheading for the dev who made this bad idea happen?” reads the initial post on what is currently the second-most-popular thread on the official Destiny forums. The responses are less violent and (mostly) less hyperbolic, and a few players even responded that they were OK with the change. The majority of the forum-posting Destiny fan base, however, seems to be very unhappy with the change.

For proof, take a look at Destiny’s subreddit, which has four shader-related threads on its front page as of this posting. One of those threads is actually an attempt to put the situation in perspective, but the others plead with Bungie to change the shaders, call for a Destiny microtransaction boycott, and claim the shader change has doomed the game, respectively. The most popular is the thread calling for the boycott, which is nearing an incredible 40,000 upvotes as of this writing.

For its part, Bungie has remained quiet on the issue to date. The studio has yet to mention shaders on any of its social media accounts and has so far not responded to media requests for comment or the fan posts.


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