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Another Eden: Which First Encounter Unit to Choose

Another Eden First Encounter

Another Eden: Which First Encounter Unit to Choose

Which First Encounter Unit to Choose in Another Eden

Another Eden has just launched in the West, and now fans can experience Gree’s RPG on their smartphone. Early on in the game, players will get a chance to pick their first unit. If you’re trouble, here’s which First Encounter character you should pick in Another Eden.

Gree’s latest mobile game has some gacha elements mixed in, letting players earn new units by spending Chronos Stones. You can use this rare resource to earn powerful units on your team, although the characters you get depend on the pull rates and RNG.

Luckily, Another Eden actually lets you select your first rare unit without having to raffle for them through the First Encounter. Early on in the game, the protagonist will enter the Gallery of Dreams where he meets the Gallery Master. From there, you can choose your first unit out of a handful of options.

Another Eden First Encounter

Since you can only pick one, it’s best to make the most out of your decision in Another Eden. While any of these rare characters will be a great addition to your budding team, there are two particular units you should focus on during your First Encounter.

Firstly, there’s the debuffer, Miyu, who is a capable DPS unit and has access to Fire-based slash skills. Later on, she can learn an attack that debuffs an enemy’s Intelligence by a whopping 20 percent. She also has an AOE attack that reduces Type resistance by 20 percent.

Another Eden Miyu

Your other option is Ciel, a unit who can skewer enemies with pierce-based attacks. Apart from that, he can also shower your entire team with defensive buffs against all Type resistance by 30 percent. His other special skill can deal damage and lower the target’s Power by 20 percent.

Another Eden Ciel First Encounter

What makes these two units so great is that they can also deal out some decent damage while providing solid support, making them extremely valuable for early game. One important thing worth noting is that you can actually get Miyu for free outside of the First Encounter event in Another Eden.

She’s part of the pre-registration reward, so you won’t need to worry about picking her. Ciel is pretty much your go-to choice if you’re looking for the best unit, although you shouldn’t really feel pressured in picking him if you do prefer another character’s skillset or design.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about which First Encounter unit to choose in Another Eden. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.


Question: Which First Encounter unit should you choose in Another Eden?

Answer: We recommend going with either Miyu or Ciel. But since you can get Miyu as a pre-register bonus for free, Ciel is the best choice.

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