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Sakura Wars Crossover Revealed for Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Sakura Wars Star Ocean

Sakura Wars Crossover Revealed for Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Today Square Enix revealed a new crossover that has been implemented in the Japanese version of the mobile JRPG Star Ocean: Anamnesis, and it features Sega’s popular dormant series Sakura Wars (or Sakura Taisen if you prefer the Japanese name).

The crossover will feature traditional protagonist Sakura Shinguji herself, Gemini Sunrise from Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love, and Erica Fontaine from Sakura Wars 3 and 4.

While Star Ocean: Anamnesis is available in the west, at the moment we don’t know when the crossover will happen in this version.

Below you can check out a trailer of the event, alongside quite a few videos showing all three heroines that have been featured on the game’s official Twitter account.

Whether you care for mobile games or not, this provides us with a chance to see Sakura Wars’ protagonists rendered with modern graphics. This is quite stimulating for the imagination considering that Sega is working at a new Sakura Wars game for consoles created by the team behind the Valkyria Chronicles series.

While we don’t yet know much about the game, I can’t help but wonder what it’ll look like, especially considering that Sega will be bringing back such a beloved series after so many years, so it’s likely that they’ll pull all the stops to make it the best it can be. Personally, I can’t wait.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is currently available for iOS and Android.

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