Droid battle scene in Star Wars: Rogue One

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

These are the droids you are looking for.

The Star Wars droids are beloved figures in the franchise that can either be extremely valuable or downright useless. So, to celebrate our love and hate for these robotic beings, here’s a list of the top best units that will be ranked from trash can to sassy murder bot.

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15. R5-D4 (A New Hope)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

Star Wars' trash can droid
Source: Lucasfilm

R5-D4 takes the top spot as the droid that malfunctioned in A New Hope. According to the franchise’s lore, these units were widely known to have many malfunctions, causing this particular character to become frustrated because no one wanted to buy them.

The bot’s bad luck continues when it gets sabotaged by R2-D2 for the sake of the Death Star mission, but, fortunately, R5-D4 has received more storylines from comics and the book Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View.

In these installments, we learn that R5-D4 was once a Rebellion droid and the notable scene of the unit overloading was actually an act of self-sacrifice to help R2-D2 with its mission. As for the comics, panels have indicated the droid’s Force powers and the ability to see into the future.

So, if you were feeling bad for the droid, at least it got a redemption arc later on with the latest narratives, including the robot’s appearance in the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian.

14. GNK-series (Star Wars Franchise & Star Wars Battlefront II)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

The robot with legs in Star Wars
Source: Lucasfilm

Since the GNK-series Power droid looks like a walking trash can, the unit had to make it on this ranked list. The character, also known as Gonk, can be seen in several installments of the franchise as the robot with legs. Based on the information within Legends, the Power droid only knows basic commands and makes a “honk” sounding noise, thus establishing its nickname of “Gonk.”

Even though the droid’s functions are primarily for battery use, games have issued a unique purpose for the robot, like how Star Wars: Force Arena uses its energy source to blow up nearby enemies. The Battlefront series is another excellent example of this change in protocol because they are renamed “Ammunition Droids” and are valuable for replenishing ammo to players.

On the contrary, a few installments of LEGO Star Wars portray Gonks as weak and slow-moving; however, the Skywalker Saga revitalized its gameplay and showcased multiple exciting adventures with the fan-favorite walking trash can.

13. Battle Droids (B1-series & OOM-series)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

OOM-series Star Wars droids
Source: Lucasfilm

Battle Droids of the Prequel Trilogy and The Clone Wars have a history of missing their target and being easily destroyed by their foes. Yet, they were one of the main lines of defense for the Separatists and a part of the original army before the creation of the notorious Storm Troopers (who also have a bad rap for their shooting skills.)

Before the production of the many Separatist units, the OOM-series were the first Battle Droids to be created for the army and divided into three categories: Command, Security, and Pilot. For example, red-marked members previously guarded areas while the blue-marked pilots assisted with navigation on ships or other forms of transportation.

Lastly, droids with yellow symbols were the commanders of large groups and consistently became irritated by their fellow soldiers. Although most battle droids are trash, one OOM-series Command droid is sassy enough to talk back to General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith.

The B1 series are cheaply made models that are weak when facing an enemy alone, requiring them to travel in packs to overwhelm the opposing side in battle. However, due to their humanistic characteristics, they often make dimwitted decisions, as we’ve seen in hilarious scenes of the series, including the events of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where one droid states, “I hate this job” after an irritating debacle with its crew.

12. C-3PO

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

C-3P0 in Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Now you may wonder, how could such a famous Star Wars droid be considered a trash can? Well, if you look at the timeline of the entire franchise, you can see what makes C-3PO one of the most useless units, especially when comparing the robot to R2-D2.

Throughout the movies, the droid has displayed selfish tendencies and gets itself in trouble during the intense moments of the story. For instance, in Return of the Jedi, Han Solo asks for C-3PO’s help after the Ewoks believe the bot to be a holy figure, but it refuses by responding, “It’s against my programming.”

Then, when Chewbacca saves the droid in The Empire Strikes Back, it doesn’t thank the Wookiee and complains about the situation the whole time. In addition, we can’t forget the scene in Attack of the Clones, where the character yells, “Die, Jedi dogs!” once its head gets attached to a Battle Droid.

We’ll still give the robot some credit for being useful at particular moments, such as the time it called reinforcements to rescue Senator Padme Amidala in The Clone Wars and when it helped in the mission to save Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1.

11. T7-01 (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

T7-01 battling the Emperor in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Source: Electronic Arts

As we get further into this list, we’ll head into the “sassy murder bot” category, in which T7-01 is the perfect example, mainly because of its bold actions in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In addition, this unit perceives itself as a valuable asset to the team instead of the typical master and droid relationships we’ve seen before.

T7 is one of the most advanced droids because its memory was never wiped, resulting in a vast knowledge of missions and data for over two centuries. It is also a companion that stands up for what is right and won’t hesitate to go into battle for the greater good.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the droid helped put an end to the Sith Lord Darth Angral, who planned to use superweapons against the Republic. Moreover, the unit proves itself again when it attacks the clone of the vicious Sith Emperor Vitiate, ending victoriously for T7 and the Hero of Tython.

10. R3-S6 (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

Droid in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Source: Lucasfilm

After Anakin Skywalker temporarily loses R2-D2 in The Clone Wars, R3-S6 (also known as Goldie) is his replacement droid, a newer model of the R-series.

During Season 1, Episode 7, we discover that it is a double agent for General Grievous and consistently messes up the mission to save R2-D2. Eventually, Ahsoka Tano finds out about its true intentions and calls it a “stubby little backstabber” while conversing with the Separatist Droid Army General.

By the episode’s end, R3-S6 and R2-D2 fight to the death, where R2 reigns supreme and destroys Goldie.

9. BD-1 (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Source: Respawn Entertainment

The faithful companion of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, BD-1, aids Cal Kestis by guiding him in various areas of the galaxy. Although it isn’t particularly sassy, the droid is a valuable asset to the player and even saves Kestis when it initiates a force field against the Second Sister’s attacks.

Besides the robot’s navigational skills and healing abilities, BD-1 does whatever it can for Cal, like when it motivates the Jedi to finish the mission to acquire a Kyber Crystal.

The one scene that displays this small robot’s might is the duel against Darth Vader, in which BD-1 tries to attack the frightful Sith Lord to rescue Kestis.

8. BB-8 (The Sequel Trilogy)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Another small but powerful droid is the Sequel Trilogy’s BB-8, a ball-shaped unit that accompanies Poe Dameron. If it weren’t for this robot, the Rebellion wouldn’t know about the location of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, thanks to its determination and loyalty to its mission.

The sassy bot can take down multiple foes, including when it ties up several guards at Canto Bight’s jail and takes control of a Scout Walker to save Finn and Rose in The Last Jedi.

Before these events, BB-8 participated in many missions with its master to further advance the Rebellion’s task to stop the threat of the First Order. For instance, in Poe Dameron Issue #6, the droid expertly dodges the projectiles of a giant robot and utilizes its components to eliminate the ferocious enemy.

7. HK-51 (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

The sassy murder bot, HK-51
Source: Electronic Arts

HK-51 is an unlockable character in Star Wars: The Old Republic that often makes sassy remarks during conversations with its master because of their defiant Imperial programming.

This assassination droid is a ruthless murderer obsessed with finding its next target due to its strict protocol of always needing to eliminate troublemakers. But, after switching sides with the Republic, HK-51 gradually adjusts to this new way of life by going on missions alone to terminate foes.

When the robot finally restores its functions to maximum efficiency, HK becomes a deadly threat with its accurate precision and improved performance.

6. Chopper/C1-10P (Star Wars: Rebels)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

C1-10P in Star Wars: Rebels
Source: Lucasfilm

According to fan research, Chopper has murdered over 50,000 characters within the Star Wars universe based on what was seen in Star Wars: Rebels. C1-10P has also been around for a long time and began to enact sassy tendencies because of its old age, resulting in funny scenes that show it talking back to the Ghost crew.

For example, in Season 1, Episode 3, the unit initiates a prank on Ezra Bridger and Zeb Orrelios after it removes the bolts on their shared bunk bed and causes the two to retaliate against each other.

Fans were happy to see Chopper return in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, where it maintains its argumentative persona and continues to destroy targets effortlessly.

5. HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

HK-51 droid in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Source: Electronic Arts

If you thought HK-51 was violent, then you’ll undoubtedly find HK-47 even more vicious as it’s a Hunter Killer series assassin droid designed by none other than Darth Revan.

When players talk with it in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the topic of killing someone usually enters into the conversation with a few saucy remarks every once in a while.

HK-47 isn’t afraid of anyone or anything and persistently threatens its enemies, like when it rashly tells a foe, “It is suggested you run while my blasters warm up, meatbags.” Moreover, the droid enjoys the thrill of battle and believes it is an intelligent unit because of its excellent track record.

In spite of its need to kill and overconfident characteristics, HK-51 is loyal to its master, Revan, and is impressed whenever the main protagonist triumphs in fights. In return, the droid stands its ground alongside its master and uses weapons, such as flamethrowers, carbonite projectors, and blaster rifles.

4. IG-11 (The Mandalorian)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

Fighting scene in The Mandalorian
Source: Disney Platform Distribution

The assassin droid turned babysitter, IG-11, makes an epic entrance within the first episode of The Mandalorian as it destroys multiple adversaries.

During its initial meeting with the Din Djarin, the robot will only form an alliance with this fellow Guild member if it gets all the credit for Grogu’s bounty, even if enemies are closing in on them. However, this event results in the droid’s destruction by the Mandalorian since Djarin grows fond of the target.

Once IG-11 gets repaired by Kuiil, its new programming requires the bot to protect the Child and help the rest of the characters in dire situations. Unfortunately, the catastrophic events of the season finale cause the unit to self-destruct to save everyone, and Djarin (a known droid hater) becomes deeply saddened by its sacrifice.

3. PROXY (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PROXY battle
Source: LucasArts

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed debuted the versatile PROXY, a bot that could use a lightsaber in combat, and assisted Darth Vader by training a Sith assassin. Furthermore, it acquired the ability to change its appearance, like its form of Darth Maul, through hologram technology, which the character used to trick databases and people.

While fighting the droid in the game, it takes up a variety of different personas and lightsabers to make the showdown more challenging. In addition, it sassily teases the player during the duel by stating, “You seem distracted,” and “Keep your guard up!”

Like BD-1, PROXY’s shining occurrence is when it battles against Darth Vader and exhibits its Obi-Wan Kenobi combat module to take him down. Although the fight ends with the robot’s death, it still saves Starkiller in the process.

2. K-2SO (Rogue One)

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

Droid battle scene in Star Wars: Rogue One
Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

No one is quite as sassy as Rogue One’s K-2SO (Kay), especially with its opening line of “Congratulations. You are being rescued” after slamming down Jyn Erso. Almost every word out of this robot features some form of sarcastic response that many fans found incredibly witty and humoristic.

Not only is Kay quick with snarky comments, but it also packs a punch by defeating groups of Storm Troopers. One scene, in particular, is when it simultaneously guides Rogue One members while shooting oncoming forces without even looking at them.

Even though the film showcases K-2SO’s untimely demise, we have comics of the character that display more funny interactions. For example, Star Wars Adventures has a few panels of the droid ridiculing Cassian Andor for having terrible ideas.

1. R2-D2

Top 15 Best Star Wars Droids, Ranked From Trash Can to Sassy Murder Bot

The Ultimate Sassy Murder Bot in Star Wars
Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Star Wars franchise would be nothing without R2-D2, the perfect combination of sassy and murder bot. It has lived and seen many crucial moments of the universe, from the Prequels to the Sequel Trilogy, with its memory still intact.

When it comes to the character’s snarkiness, it usually takes it out on C-3PO, like the time it teases the droid for being “naked” in The Phantom Menace. Additionally, we see hilarious content in other installments, such as calling C-3PO a “mindless philosopher” in A New Hope and insulting Battle Droids in The Clone Wars.

Based on the many battles and wars R2-D2 has been through, fans have claimed that it’s killed more than 140,000 characters in the Star Wars universe, including Hay-Zu, Aut-O, and the previously mentioned R3-S6.

If it isn’t murdering or giving attitude to characters, it is most likely saving the day, such as when the bot rescues everyone from the Garbage Compactor and the time it eliminates B2 Super Battle droids with the power of its flames.

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