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Secret Warzone 2 Attachment Is So Good It’s a “Cheat Code” on SMGs

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Secret Warzone 2 Attachment Is So Good It’s a “Cheat Code” on SMGs

An easy change for big gains.

Warzone 2 players are always searching for the next ‘meta’, whether that relates to attachments, weapons, perks or equipment. Naturally, developer buffs and nerfs affect these choices and, on occasion, a previously neglected option can fly up the rankings and make itself known in impressive fashion. 

That appears to be the case with one SMG attachment, which YouTuber and Warzone 2 content creator Metaphor claims is so good it’s akin to a “cheat code” in the CoD battle royale sequel. 

In a March 28 YouTube video, he outlined the 9mm Overpressured +P Ammunition as a must-have attachment on every Warzone 2 SMG. 

“You can actually put this on every single SMG,” he explained, “and what this does is it actually lets you juice this thing out in the tunings for maximum bullet velocity and max damage range. And you actually don’t even feel the side effects of losing the recoil [control]. You also get the bonus of the target flinch – my SMG gunfights have been a lot more consistent.” 

A reduction in target flinch means that, when players are taking damage and being hit by enemies, their own aim will not kick nearly as much. This makes it a lot easier to stay on target and win gunfights – especially at closer ranges where SMGs are most relevant. 

As Metaphor outlined – it’s a viable attachment for every SMG in Warzone 2 so whichever you prefer, you can instantly improve it with a simple attachment choice in the Gunsmith. 

Players need only pick a sensible secondary – probably an AR, sniper or LMG – and they’ll be well on their way to securing those wins in Warzone 2.

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