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Why Is Everyone Afraid of Deku in My Hero Academia? Explained

My Hero Academia Deku thinking about killing people
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Why Is Everyone Afraid of Deku in My Hero Academia? Explained

Young Midoriya’s going through quite a significant change.

My Hero Academia’s Season 6 has taken a much darker turn, with circumstances for the students of U.A. and Pro Heroes alike becoming much direr. At this point, Deku has started changing quite significantly from the optimistic young man who first accepted the power of One For All. However, with these changes in Deku, people’s perspectives and assumptions of him appear to have changed rather drastically, too. If you’re wondering why everyone seems to react in fear to the young hero, we’ve got all the information you need. Here’s why everyone is afraid of Deku in My Hero Academia, explained.

Why Are People Scared of Deku in My Hero Academia? Answered

In My Hero Academia, people appear to be scared of Deku because they’re afraid that he could be working for All For One. This is because Deku can now use multiple One For All Quirks in rapid action, and even simultaneously, just like the terrifying villain. On top of this, Deku’s Hero Outfit and appearance have been altered, giving him an extremely mysterious image.

Deku in My Hero Academia.
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With Deku’s hood pulled over his face, and his body covered in wounds and filth, it has been stated that “he doesn’t look like a hero at all”, so it’s somewhat easy to understand how civilians may mistake him for a villain, especially with the paranoia from the public surrounding All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. After all, I for one would certainly be frightened if those dark eyes with glowing green pupils popped out from the shadows and stared in my direction.

Are Deku’s Friends Afraid of Him?

While civilians are afraid of Deku’s dark appearance and an array of quirks, these fears are not present in his friends and classmates at U.A. High. Rather than being afraid of Deku, his friends are more concerned for him and afraid of him putting himself at such high risk.

This is because, despite his physical and Quirk-based changes, they all know who Deku is, and in his actions of abandoning U.A. High and relentlessly chasing down villains without rest, he’s trying to keep them all safe and protected from All For One’s clutches.

Deku and Todoroki in My Hero Academia
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That’s everything you need to know about why everyone is afraid of Deku in My Hero Academia. For more guides, lists, and news, check out the rest of our content. We have plenty more My Hero Academia topics on all of your favorite heroes and villains, so feel free to scroll down and check out the related links below for yourself.

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