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Starfield Finally Has a Release Date; New Cinematic Trailer Teases an Epic Space Opera

Starfield logo on space image from Starfield

Starfield Finally Has a Release Date; New Cinematic Trailer Teases an Epic Space Opera

The game is looking (inter)stellar.

After months of anticipation, Bethesda has finally confirmed a release date for Starfield, dropping the information alongside a cinematic trailer. The action RPG will be developed and published by Bethesda, promising the “first new universe” in a quarter-of-a-century from the makers of the acclaimed Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises.

The Official Launch Trailer dropped on March 8, giving us our first glimpse of all the interstellar action Starfield will bring when it drops. Specifically, it confirmed a release date of 6 September 2023, barring any delays.

After the cinematic and confirmation of the release date, game director Todd Howard spoke directly to fans regarding the game.

“Hey everyone,” he said, “from myself and everyone here at Bethesda, we are so excited to finally tell you when Starfield is coming out this year. We have poured ourselves into this game and even I’m surprised how much we can pour. It is large. We’re playing the game all the time.”

He also promised that on 11 June 2023, players will be brought “into the studio” and given a “deep dive” into the game ahead of its launch as part of Starfield Direct.

“There’s so much that we still have to show you,” Howard continued. “The game has many of the hallmarks that you’d expect form us but it’s also a very unique experience… We really can’t wait for you all to play. Thanks, we’ll see you soon.”

Fan anticipation was already sky-high and, with Bethesda’s official confirmation that Starfield will be launching in fall 2023, that’s only going to go one way. While you wait, why not check out the most recent Starfield video about quests and companions?

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