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Shovel Knight Looks Right at Home in Fan-Made N64 Demake

Shovel Knight 64
Image Source: Sam the Salmon Twitter

Shovel Knight Looks Right at Home in Fan-Made N64 Demake

I dig this.

Fans of Yacht Club Games’ popular mascot Shovel Knight have been pining for a 3D platformer for years, and at long last we have finally gotten a sample of what it might look like, were it to ever happen.

Courtesy of low poly Twitter artist Sam the Salmon, this series of fan-made images present the legendary treasure hunter in beautiful, 64-bit splendor.

The models are bursting with the kind of liveliness reminiscent of Rare’s golden years, and special mention must go to the UI and its generous space allocation; unthinkable in modern gaming but quite prevalent in the mid-90s.

Yacht Club Games expressed an interest in taking Shovel Knight into the 3rd dimension some time ago, stating that, “we are all also very obsessed with Mario 64, and we would hope to one day make a 3D platformer as fun, engaging, surprising, and thrilling as it,” though of course, nothing has come of it in the six years since.

In 2018, we did receive a look into their version of Shovel Knight 64, however it was not quite what fans were expecting… Its reveal date of April 1 surely clued some into its true intention.

Though we’re no closer to a 3D platformer for the plucky paladin, we can at least thank the fishy fan community for quenching our thirst for those splendid poly’s, at least, just a little bit.

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