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Wild Hearts Teases The Arrival Of New Allies Arriving in Next Week’s Trailer

Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Wild Hearts Teases The Arrival Of New Allies Arriving in Next Week’s Trailer

One week away from release!

Wild Hearts is rapidly approaching, as the countdown to release has begun. With one week until the game comes out, hype is at an all-time high, and now, the official Wild Hearts Twitter page has teased a brand new trailer that is set to release on Monday, Feb.13, 2023.

They mention we’ll be seeing new allies appear who will be crucial to our victory, and the brief GIF that is shown displays a new ally holding what appears to be a fan-like weapon that can be thrown like a boomerang and release a gust of wind to damage the Kemono. Perhaps this could be a “master” of some kind, that specializes in that particular weapon. It’s also very likely we could see more of these “masters” appear in the trailer, as the tweet mentions multiple allies.

However, there’s also a high possibility we will see more gameplay of new Kemono, as only a handful have been shown thus far. Very recently, the game’s producer, Lewis Harvey, took to Reddit and did an AMA for Wild Hearts.

In this AMA, he revealed important information for the game’s future, such as there will be no Microtransactions and there will indeed be post-launch content for players to enjoy. For example, if we’re basing this off the Monster Hunter series, we could expect to see updates every other month with new Kemonos and more.

Either way, the hype for Wild Hearts cannot be contained at this point. In all likelihood, this will be one of the last trailers revealed for the game, given that it is a week away. What else will be shown aside from some new allies is anyone’s guess, but either way, we’re ready to hunt some Kemonos in a stylish way.

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