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Splatoon 3’s Next Season Is Bringing Back An Unstoppable Special From The First Game

Splatoon 3's Next Update Brings Back Unstoppable Special From The First Game
Image Source: Nintendo

Splatoon 3’s Next Season Is Bringing Back An Unstoppable Special From The First Game

The stuff of nightmares.

Splatoon 3 players should be very afraid, terrified, even. The nigh unstoppable Kraken special is set to make a long overdue return in the games Fresh Season Update in March.

The North American Twitter page for Splatoon 3 broke the news that players will once again be able to transform into an eight-armed beast from the deep to turn the tide of any match. The Kraken Royale Special allows players to traverse the map and overwhelm their opponents with wide-ranging spinning or a one-shot kill move.

For the uninitiated, The Kraken special is something that haunts the dreams of many a Splatoon player, as once it transforms, players with this ability are totally invincible and can move across the map at great speeds. As such, many complained in the original game that the special was simply too strong, prompting it to be entirely absent from Splatoon 2 following fan feedback, though it looks like those issues have been addressed.

While the Kraken special does pack a major punch, there are some weaknesses that can be exploited, as the gameplay video shows that there are brief windows of vulnerability right before and after the player transforms. The speed of the Kraken also looks to have been addressed as attacks will slow the beast down, with players encouraged to use jumps and Squid Surges to take down their opponents.

Fresh Season 2023 will be the third update for Splatoon 3 and is set to add 12 new weapon kits and pieces of gear to equip. The Manta Maria location from Splatoon 2 will be making a return along with an entirely new location when the update launches.

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