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Pokemon Unite Adds Zacian, New Events, & More

Zacian jumping into action
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite Adds Zacian, New Events, & More

Pokemon Unite’s the only universe where Greedent battle Zacian and has a chance.

Pokemon Unite is celebrating two successful years with over 100 million downloads, and there are a few exciting new things coming to the game that were announced on Pokemon Day 2023. One of the most exciting things coming to the game is Zacian, the Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sword

Zacian’s Unite Move is Sovereign Sword, an AoE strike that affects enemies in a massive 180-degree range in front of the Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon will also be released with a celebration Holowear that features it in a suit and top hat.

There was also a new event launched in Pokemon Unite alongside the Pokemon Presents that included Adventure in Zacian’s Weald. This event has missions and rewards including Zacian’s Unite license and its Holowear, along with some smaller rewards. A gift code was also added to Pokemon Unite, POKEMONDAY, which gives players a boost emblem for Zacian to improve it on the battlefield.

There’s also an active Boss Rush event running at the same time. Players are tasked with taking down different Legendary bosses in order to get various rewards. 

There will also be a Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League. This invitation-only event takes place on March 18 and 19 in Kuala Lumpur and will be streamed around the globe on YouTube.

What new aspect of Pokemon Unite is the most exciting to you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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