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Move Over Lady Dimitrescu, Atomic Heart Has Tall, Russian, & Metal Mommies

Who are the twins in Atomic Heart and What are their names?
Image Source: Mundfish

Move Over Lady Dimitrescu, Atomic Heart Has Tall, Russian, & Metal Mommies

Probably just as evil.

As Atomic Heart’s release edges closer, a pair of sultry characters in particular have taken the limelight. The Twins, two advanced robotic assistants serving Comrade Sechenov, are making quite the stir on social media; due to their impressive physical presence and unique appearance, they have drawn comparisons to Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village.

Some fans have taken to Reddit to express their excitement:

One aspect that has particularly caught the attention of fans, properly displayed by the Reddit post, is the impressive height of the characters. According to calculations made by fans, the Metal Mommies stand at a towering height of 268 cm (8’9). The sheer physical presence these characters provide is immense.

To put the size into perspective, it has been estimated that the average height of the male character Dimitri Sechinov in the game is around 175 cm (5’8″), which is equal to 954 pixels on the game’s canvas. In contrast, the Metal Mommies stand at 1461 pixels, meaning they are 1.53 times taller than Dimitri — or a typical human being.

The Twins have certainly impacted the gaming community, and their unique appearance and towering height are sure to make them stand out among the many characters in Atomic Heart. The excitement for the game’s release only grows as the date approaches, as fans eagerly anticipate the chance to unravel the story and see what roles these ominous figures possess.

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