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Atomic Heart Robot Twins: Who Are They & What Are Their Names? Explained

Who are the twins in Atomic Heart and What are their names?
Image Source: Mundfish

Atomic Heart Robot Twins: Who Are They & What Are Their Names? Explained

Move over Lady Dimitrescu, you’ve got some chrome-colored competition!

The release of Atomic Heart is right around the corner and will pit players against legions of murderous robots but two, in particular, have got gamers hot under the collar for some pretty salacious antics. If thirsting over robot ballerinas is wrong then they don’t want to be right, no judgment here. Here’s everything we know about who the Atomic Heart Robot Twins are and their names.

Who Are The Atomic Heart Robot Twins & What Are Their Names?

The Atomic Heart robot twins are the personal bodyguards of the head roboticist Dmitry Sechenov, but their names haven’t been revealed yet. Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate history where the Soviet Union spearheaded the development of robotic technology to defeat Nazi Germany in 1941. The events of the game are set in motion when an experiment linking AI with human consciousness goes disastrously wrong leading to Sechenov’s robots overrunning his facility.

The twins are the pinnacle of Sechenov’s work in robotics and are by his side at all times. They are designed to resemble two Soviet-era ballerinas who are able to connect with each other to form weapons. It remains to be seen how exactly the twins will fit into the plot of Atomic Heart. The trailers suggest that at least one of them will be fought as a boss battle while the other seems to be aiding P-3 and stands alongside him on the game’s cover art. So why have the twins got gamers talking? Well, uh, because of this.

Similar compilations can be found with a quick search on YouTube. It’s fair to say that the twins have become the new obsession for gamers and developer Mundfish is leaning into the fanfare by regularly updating their Twitter account with robot ballerina thirst traps. Talk about knowing your audience.

Atomic Heart is marketing itself as a surreal and psychological adventure due to the fractured mind of its protagonist Sergei Nechaev. There have been rumors that the plot of the game will embrace this and will feature a six-hour sex scene between Nechaev and one of the twins. Don’t get your hopes up though. The official rating makes no mention of sex or sexual activity in the game. Regardless though, there’s a sense that Atomic Heart is going to make some gamers very, very happy.

That’s everything we know about who the twins are in Atomic Heart and their names. Be sure to check out the rest of our guides below.

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