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How to Romance Genji in LOVERWATCH – Overwatch Dating Sim

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim

How to Romance Genji in LOVERWATCH – Overwatch Dating Sim

Ramen and cyborg jokes go a long way with Genji.

Overwatch’s latest seasonal event has arrived with a brand new Valentine’s dating sim game, LOVERWATCH. This limited-time game mode runs between Feb. 13, 2023, and Feb. 28, 2023, and gives players a chance to set out on dates with Mercy or Genji, aided by help from ‘Cupid’ (Hanzo) himself. If you’re looking to set out on a date with Genji and earn his LOVERWATCH rewards, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about how to romance Genji in LOVERWATCH.

How to Complete Genji’s Route in LOVERWATCH

To begin your journey of love alongside Genji, you will need to head to to load up the game. Remember to make sure that you are signed into your account on the top right-hand corner of the page, as you won’t be able to redeem any rewards earned through the sim if you have not completed this step before your playthrough.

Once you’re all set with your account signed in, click into LOVERWATCH and select New Game from the menu options. From here, you will load into a scene with the opportunity to choose Mercy or Genji. Of course, you want to select Genji here, so you can start winning over the cyborg ninja and complete his route in the dating sim.

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Once you’ve selected Genji, the next option you’ll want to click is Love-struck since you’re trying to romance him, you know, with it being a dating sim and such. Upon selecting this option, Cupid Hanzo will make an appearance to try and help you win him over. Cupid Hanzo will ask you, ‘Now tell me, are you in love?’ to which you will need to select, I think so.

Cupid will then ask if you wish to win the heart of Genji, so go ahead and select Yes, I want to win the heart of Genji to begin your romantic adventure with the younger Shimada. Cupid Hanzo will have a hilarious reaction to your choice of his sibling and explain that Genji is known to be difficult. Here you will need to select Yeesh. You’re being really judgemental for a vessel of love, or whatever.

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

From here, you will approach Genji. Once you catch his attention, you will have the option to choose from a variety of compliments and responses as you converse with the cyborg ninja. For convenience, here is a complete list of all the options you must select as you work through Genji’s romance, from meeting him to the final declaration of love.

Laff Attic Date

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite
  • When you introduce yourself to Genji, answer: I really like your outfit.
  • When Genji compares your name to a video game, answer: I love that game!
  • When Cupid suggests you perform a comedy set, answer: Okay, here I go!
  • Whe you tell a joke, select either a Cyborg or Ninja joke.
  • After Genji compliments your joke, answer: Making you laugh was the goal.
  • Genji will now ask for another date, so go ahead and select: Absolutely!

Cafe Azur Date

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite
  • When Cupid comments on Genji’s clothing, select: If I owned a hoodie that cool, I’d wear it every chance I got.
  • When Genji asks about the ride over, answer: I had lots of time for gaming.
  • When it’s time to pick what you will order for dinner, select: Order Genji’s favorite food.
  • When you and Cupid notice Genji is upset, select: Hey, is everything okay?
  • When Genji explains his troubles to you, answer: I’m so sorry, Genji.
  • When you have the option to cheer Genji up, select: Hold his hand.
  • Genji will then ask you about going somewhere special for your next date, so select: Anywhere that is special to you is special to me.
  • When Genji selects Nepal, question him by selecting: What’s in Nepal?

Nepal Date

LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite
  • When Genji asks you about the hike, answer: It was worth it to be here with you.
  • Choose your preferred way to greet Zenyatta. These don’t affect anything, though you won’t regret the amusement that comes from the fist bump.
  • When Genji asks if one can know their true self, answer: I’m not sure, but you can try.
  • Finally, select: Accept Genji’s love.

By accepting Genji’s love, you will get to experience a moment within a special scene where he unmasks his cyborg helmet and shows you his true self, in a sign of his love and trust. This concludes Geji’s route in LOVERWATCH, and as a result, you will be gifted with his rewards.

Genji LOVERWATCH Rewards

By embarking on your journey of love with Genji and completing his LOVERWATCH story, you will receive a small collection of Valentine’s Day-themed rewards. Here is a list of every reward you will receive after completing Genji’s route.

  • Genji’s Peace: Player Icon, Title & Highlight intro bundle (Reedeemable for Overwatch 2)
  • Valentine Card 7
  • Card Front 12
LOVERWATCH - Overwatch dating sim
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Why not jump back in and explore the other possibilities of other options and characters in LOVERWATCH? You can always replay Genji’s route and explore his reactions and Cupid’s advice for the other options, to discover how a failed date might play out. I’m sure there will be some amusing dialogue from each of the Shimada brothers in this situation.

Of course, perhaps there’s more to discover and secrets to unlock along the way in LOVERWATCH, such as starting a new game and following Mercy’s route, or even meeting back up with Cupid Hanzo once more for a surprise reward Highlight Intro if you’ve completed both LOVERWATCH storylines with success.

That’s all you need to know about how to romance Genji in LOVERWATCH. For more helpful gameplay guides, lists, and news, check out the rest of our content here at Twinfinite. We have a variety of Overwatch 2 posts to help inform you of all the latest updates and changes regarding your favorite Heroes, events, and maps, so feel free to scroll down to the related links below and have a look for yourself.

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