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All Characters in LOVERWATCH – The Overwatch 2 Dating Sim

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All Characters in LOVERWATCH – The Overwatch 2 Dating Sim

Are you over watching? Time to step to the plate.

Valentine’s Day is a time for blossoming romance, courageous confessions, and just that little bit of healing. Blizzard has given us just that by dropping LOVERWATCH, a dating sim that allows us to show our debonair side by wooing some of Overwatch’s most famous heroes. Interested to know who that might include? Let’s delve into all characters in LOVERWATCH – The Overwatch 2 dating sim.

Who Are the Dateable Characters in LOVERWATCH?

Mercy Loverwatch
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In LOVERWATCH, you can choose to date either Mercy or Genji. As is the case with any dating sim, the result at the end of the session will be dictated by how well you handle their line of questioning. You will travel between various locations, getting to know the character better and reading their reactions to how you answer their deepest, darkest secrets.

Intimate knowledge of Mercy’s career is the quickest way to her heart. You don’t have to possess a doctorate, but taking a moment to recall her lore can prevent awkward pauses in the conversation. Genji is a harder nut to crack, with many of the options proving to just drive him further into his shell. He’s an emotional boy, our cyborg ninja friend, so pay attention to what he’s into and you’ll be able to coax him into confiding in you.

Are There Any Other Characters in LOVERWATCH?

Hanzo Loverwatch
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Your guide through this journey is Cupid, AKA a poorly disguised Hanzo. The player is the only one who can see him, and he will be on-hand during the game to coach you, as well as offering feedback on how you’re progressing. He doesn’t mince words; if you’re screwing up pretty badly, he will let you know it, eager to help connect the dots and prevent you from getting friend zoned.

Depending on which route you take, you will also briefly meet up with Ana or Zenyatta. They appear in chibi form, and seemed to have taken a great interest in your newfound friendship. As they pop in during the latter stages of the game, it is possible that your interactions with them could mean the difference between success and failure.

With that, you’ve got a cast of characters in your mind and an arrow of love in your heart. These are all of the characters in LOVERWATCH – The Overwatch 2 dating sim for you to ogle and admire. Whether it will be fleshed out with more familiar faces is anyone’s guess, though the fact that this is a limited-time experience coinciding with a seasonal event suggests that it’s all we’ll be getting… for now! Be sure to send your love to the Overwatch 2 guides below.

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