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How To Play Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch

Image Source: Activision Blizzard

How To Play Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch

For those hoping for some romancing in Overwatch.

The Overwatch dating sim Loverwatch allows players to romance two fan-favorite heroes Mercy and Genji, or both, with some help from a Cupid-inspired Hanzo. The game is completely stand-alone and is considered non-canon so it isn’t being portrayed as an in-game event. So how can players access Loverwatch? It’s pretty easy. Here’s everything we know about how to play Overwatch’s dating sim Loverwatch.

How to Play Loverwatch on Desktop

Overwatch fans can play Loverwatch by visiting its dedicated website, as it is designed to run on desktop browsers, instead of going through Steam or Consoles. Anyone is able to play, but if you’re a regular player on Overwatch 2 then it’s worth signing into before you play the game.

While Loverwatch is completely standalone it does offer some in-game rewards for Overwatch 2 players such as a highlight intro for Cupid Kiss Hanzo and a discount on the Ultimate Valentines Event bundle which is set to go live tomorrow. It’s also worth noting that this is a time-limited game, in the intro for the game, Blizzard teases future dating sim adventures, but as it stands, Loverwatch will only be available to play until Feb 28.

The game can technically be played on mobile devices but we wouldn’t recommend it. Playing on a desktop seems to offer the best performance for Loverwatch and is how the game is designed to be experienced.

What Is Loverwatch About?

If this is your first time dipping your toe into the world of dating sims then here’s a quick overview to get you started. Loverwatch, like most dating sims, is a text-based visual novel. At the start of the game, you’re presented with the choice of pursuing either Genji or Mercy. You’ll have the chance to go on a number of dates with your love interest with dialogue choices being the determining factor in your relationship.

That’s everything we know about how to play Overwatch’s dating sim Loverwatch. Be sure to check out the rest of our Overwatch coverage and keep an eye out for our Loverwatch guides.

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