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How to Do the Charms Classroom Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Avalanche Software

How to Do the Charms Classroom Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy


Besides using the Alohomora spell on locked doors, players must solve mathematical equations to open entryways with various magical creatures. This is easier said than done though, as these equations aren’t presented using simple numbers and instead require deciphering a puzzle code. This likely left you a bit stumped, which is why f you’re here and wondering: How do you solve the Charms classroom door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy?

Here’s everything you need to know about this complex task.

How to Solve Charms Classroom Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

The symbols on the door puzzle’s archway represent numbers, with the leftmost creature being zero and the rightmost beast being nine. With the first equation, you can see that the sum is five, so you’ll need a beast with a two to complete this task (be sure to press ‘Reveal’ at the door first.) Therefore, players must roll the object on the left until it displays this particular animal:

Door Puzzle Answer
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

As for the second equation of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to roll the octopus-like creature at the right side of the door to produce the sum of 12:

Door Puzzle Answer 2
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

Now it’s time to open the door to claim your rewards inside the room, including cosmetics and furniture. However, if your gear is full, you must clear out your inventory to make room for these materials, or else you’ll have to return to this location later.

Furthermore, players can discover other puzzles around the castle to gather more materials for their journey. Keep an eye out for them, and apply the same logic used in the above puzzle when necessary.

So there you have it. That’s how to solve the Charms class door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. For more content on the game, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to do the Ravenclaw door puzzle.

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