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How to Defeat Spineglider in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts
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How to Defeat Spineglider in Wild Hearts

Just how many squirrels are there?

Wild Hearts features multiple different areas for hunters to explore throughout the game. Once you reach the Natsukodachi Isle, you’ll encounter the first Kemono featured there, the Spineglider. This Kemono may seem adorable at first, but it has some nasty tricks waiting for you. So in this guide, we’ll talk you through how to defeat the Spineglider in Wild Hearts.

How to Beat Wild Hearts Spineglider

The fight with Spineglider is very reminiscent to that of Ragetail, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. The Kemono relies heavily on its massive tail to deal damage to you, and thus it specializes in sweep attacks utilizing it.

Wild Hearts Spineglider
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

However, what sets this Kemono apart from Ragetail is the ability to create a large tree and then hop on top of it. Spineglider will then shoot projectiles at you from the top of the tree until it eventually comes down.

You can knock it down yourself with the new Pounder fusion Karakuri, which requires three Spring Karakuri to create. Use the Pounder to knock it out of the tree, granting you an opportunity to deal massive damage to the Kemono with your primary weapon.

The Spineglider is weak to the Fire and Wood elements, and its torso/body is its most significant weak point. The Kemono will retreat to a new area when you deal enough damage.

What Changes in Spineglider’s Rage Mode?

Like Ragetail, the Spineglider’s rage modes are incredibly alike. In this mode, it’s tail will grow to an enormous size. However, unlike Ragetail, Spineglider won’t wait to use the rage mode as a last resort and will instead use it more commonly as you enter the second and third areas of this fight.

Wild Hearts Spineglider rage mode
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Although the experience is more or less the same, it swings its tail much more frequently at you and will deal large amounts of damage if it hits you. When enough damage is dealt, you can deal the finishing blow, and end it for good.

That’s everything you need to know on how to defeat the Spineglider in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides, like how to increase Frame Rate, and more below.

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