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From Sloshed Samurai to Mysterious Musicians, Meet the Locals of Wild Hearts’ Minato

Minato NPCs
Image Source: Koei Techmo

From Sloshed Samurai to Mysterious Musicians, Meet the Locals of Wild Hearts’ Minato

The town of Minato is home to a lot of colorful characters.

Wild Hearts officially makes its way into early access on EA Play today, allowing fans that have the Pro subscription to preview the game a bit earlier before its Friday release. In order to celebrate its upcoming debut, developer Koei Tecmo has just shown off a brand new story trailer, featuring many of the title’s most prominent locales and the NPC that make them up.

While brief, the Town of Minato is a large focus of the story trailer, as it displays a sprawling and densely populated area filled with plenty of personalities. There’s Ujishige Daidouji, a former samurai turned drifter that spends most of his time drinking but also offering some wisdom here and there.

Other characters like Seren, the town’s Carpenter, will serve more of a practical purpose for players, helping them craft and refine their gear in the best way possible in order to battle the Kemono. The full list of notable characters and who will be playing them can be seen listed below.

All Wild Hearts Voice Actors

  • Ujishige Daidouji – Voiced by Yuki Matsuzaki
  • Natsume – Voiced by Miracle Vell Magic
  • Suzuran – Voiced by Crystal Kay
  • Seren – Voiced by Yurié Collins
  • Mujina – Voiced by Yuta Koga
  • Nobumitsu Tsumori – Voiced by Kane Kosugi
  • Yatarō – Voiced by Mai Nakazato
  • Kōgyoku – Voiced by Marika Dandoy
  • Tamakazura – Voiced by Takayuki Yanagi
  • Toga-Hime – Voiced by Asia Grace Sawane

Wild Hearts is set to release in full for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Feb. 17, 2023. For more on the game, be sure to check out our official preview, which highlights all of the chaotic hunting combat that fans can expect when the game arrives for next-gen and PC this Friday.

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