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Does Wild Hearts Have Steam Deck Support? Answered

Does Wild Hearts Have Steam Deck Support? Answered
Image Source: Koei Tecmo and Omega Force

Does Wild Hearts Have Steam Deck Support? Answered

Still wild, just maybe on a smaller screen.

The Steam Deck is a great piece of technology, so it makes sense that owners would like every game to work with it perfectly from day one. While that’s not always the case, developers are usually vocal about whether it is or isn’t. If you’re wondering if Wild Hearts will be supported on Steam Deck, we have answers for you.

Will Wild Hearts Work on Steam Deck?

There will not be any sort of support for Wild Hearts on Steam Deck at launch.

A recent AMA by Executive Producer Lewis Harvey had someone ask about Steam Deck support. Harvey replied, “The game won’t be supported on the Steam Deck at launch. I have one though and want this as much as you! Hopefully we can get to this in the future.” At least there’s developer interest in making full support on the Deck possible, even if it is just on a personal level.

The beauty of the Steam Deck is that it can run almost anything, regardless of if it is officially ‘Supported.’ However, there’s nothing to say that it would run well. Unsupported games like Wild Hearts can have issues like frequent crashes, or you can’t tweak controller layouts to make them a comfortable experience on Steam Deck.

There’s also the chance that it can easily work while still being marked as unsupported by Valve, but there won’t be any way to know until Wild Hearts is released.

This might not be the Wild Hearts Steam Deck compatibility news you were hoping for, but hey, at least we have an answer! For more Wild Hearts news and information you might want, check out the links below.

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