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Can Virginia Die in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Can Virginia Die in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Can Virginia Die in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Handle with care.

Companions are a hot commodity in Sons of the Forest, as there are only so many you can find in the game. They’re well worth the effort of tracking down though, as they’ll be able to help you fend off the cannibalistic mutants that call the island home so that you can all live to see another day. Given how dangerous the isolated locale’s inhabitants are though, you might be wondering: Can Virginia die in Sons of the Forest? And if so, what ways are there of avoiding such a catastrophe?

Worry not, as we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Can Virginia Be Killed in Sons of the Forest? Answered

The unfortunate answer is yes: Virginia can in fact die if she sustains too much damage from either the enemies you encounter or you yourself. Once she’s dead, you’ll be unable to get her back as a companion unless you reload a save file from before she was killed.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize her chances of dying. The first and most prevalent one is to ensure you don’t harm her yourself through friendly fire or poorly-timed attacks with melee weapons. Stay aware of where she is at all times, and if she gets in the way of where you need to attack, reposition to a place where you’re less likely to hit her. Doing so will likewise ensure you don’t end up triggering the glitch wherein Virginia runs away and never comes back.

Another way of keeping her alive is to arm her with a Pistol and Shotgun. She can use both at once thanks to her extra arm, and will learn how to use them efficiently after completing a few battles alongside you. To give her the weapons, approach her after she has become friendly toward you and then interact with her by pressing the E key. Doing so will open your Backpack, and you can give her both of the weapons to use at her leisure.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure to heal her whenever she falls to the ground during a fight. Doing so will ensure her health never falls past a certain threshold, and that enemies can’t damage her when she’s already injured. To do so, run over to her and interact with her while she’s on the ground. Continue to do so until she gets back on her feet, and then rinse and repeat when it happens again.

Hopefully this guide helped you figure out whether or not Virginia can die in Sons of the Forest and how to prevent it from happening. For more on the game, take a look down below for even more guides, news, and features on the title.

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