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How to Fix Virginia Glitch in Sons of the Forest

How to Fix Virginia Glitch in Sons of the Forest
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Endnight Games

How to Fix Virginia Glitch in Sons of the Forest

Gone girl.

Sons of the Forest is host to one of the more engaging survival experiences out there. You’re placed in a dangerous environment and forced to find a way to survive, either on your own or with the help of friends and AI companions. The latter aren’t always as reliable as you might like though, and Virginia in particular can vanish for long stretches with no clear way to get her back. There are some workarounds to this though, which is why we’re here with a guide on how to fix the Virginia Glitch in Sons of the Forest.

How to Fix Virginia Disappearing Bug in Sons of the Forest & What Causes it

The bug where Virginia disappears in Sons of the Forest is usually caused by her being damaged by one of your attacks. she’ll then flee from you to avoid further damage, but will continue to flee even after she reaches the opposite end of the game’s map. If you accidentally trigger this bug, there are a few select methods you can use for restoring Virginia’s programming and getting her to come back to you.

The first is to go to sleep and pass time for at least one full day and night cycle. In most cases, Virginia will reappear and return to your side for the foreseeable future. You can also sleep for an additional day and night cycle to be safe.

The second is to save and reload your game. Should you choose this option, be sure that you don’t save over a file you made before damaging Virginia, as this will be needed if you need to resort to the last method for bringing her back. Once the save, simply back out of the game and start it back up, loading your new save to return to the game. Virginia should start making her way back to you once the new save is loaded, but might need some time to reach you if she wound up on the opposite end of the map.

If neither of these options work, then you’ll need to reload a save file from before you accidentally attacked Virginia. It can be a bit of a pain to do if you end up losing progress, but will also keep you from losing one of the more useful companions in the game indefinitely.

Can You Get Gear Back if Virginia Disappears?

It should also be stated clearly that you’ll be unable to get any gear back from Virginia if this glitch proves unfixable in Sons of the Forest.

Fortunately, you can obtain new gear that may be stuck within Virginia’s inventory. Most any weapon or gear will respawn if you wait long enough. To trigger these new item spawns, just rest and wait for a few day and night cycles to pass before returning to the locations where the item you’d like to nab was originally found.

Will the Virginia Bug Be Fixed in Sons of the Forest?

As for whether or not this bug involving Virginia will ever be fixed, most signs point to yes.

Sons of the Forest is still only in Early Access, so the game’s developer Endnight Games is still actively developing the title toward a 1.0 release version. This glitch, along with many other issues, will likely be ironed out in the days and months to come, especially given how prevalent of an issue it is.

That’s all there is to know about how to fix the Virginia glitch in Sons of the Forest. For more on the game, check out any of our related articles down below.

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