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How to Access Sons of the Forest Console Commands & Cheats

Sons of the Forest Helicopter

How to Access Sons of the Forest Console Commands & Cheats

Big Head Mode is a must on any serious Sons of the Forest playthrough

Sons of the Forest is the recently released sequel to The Forest which doubles down on the gruesome survival horror of the original. One notable feature of the original game was access to console commands, which besides being useful for content creators also provided players the opportunity to fool around with godlike powers. It’s understandable then that there’s some curiosity about whether or not the follow-up has the same access to Console Commands and Cheats as the previous game.

This guide will help you answer that question and tell you how to access Sons of the Forest Console Commands and Cheats.

Sons of the Forest Console Commands and Cheats

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest has not implemented console commands that users can enter with an unmodified game. It’s entirely possible that this is a feature that will be implemented later in the development cycle, but thus far it’s not something that everyone who uses the game has native access to. The one exception is a Big Head Mode you can access in the options menu. Simply navigate to the gameplay tab and turn on the Big Head Mode option.

That isn’t to say that there’s no way to get ahold of those cheats. There are already mods that emulate the console commands of the old The Forest game. Notable the Cheat Engine software, which already has Sons of the Forest support in the form of a Cheat Table for the game, and WeMod is also another compelling option. It is recommended that you do some research and make sure that any third-party software downloaded to modify a game is safe. As of the time of writing, Feburary 25th, modifying the game is the only known way to access these in-game cheats.

If you want to find what the cheats and console commands were for the original Forest game, we have a guide on that. In all likelihood, if they add cheats and console commands to Sons of the Forest they wouldn’t differ too much from the ones in the original game.

That’s it for the guide to how to access the cheats and console commands in Sons of the Forest. We have plenty of other Sons of the Forest guides here on Twinfinite. Here’s a guide on whether or not Sons of the Forest has character creation.

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