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Bungie Is Nerfing Destiny 2 PvE Activities, But It’s Actually Brilliant

Destiny 2
Image Source: Bungie

Bungie Is Nerfing Destiny 2 PvE Activities, But It’s Actually Brilliant

Finally, a worthy opponent!

It’s no secret that Guardians in Destiny 2 have grown exponentially strong since the start of the Witch Queen DLC. With the current armor system, the Light subclass updates, and more, Guardians are the strongest they’ve ever been in franchise history.

With that in mind, Bungie is looking to bring some challenge back into the game when the Lightfall DLC by subsequently nerfing all of the PvE activities with the “contest” modifier.

Essentially, Bungie will forcefully lower Power levels in activities so that the enemies we face will always be a threat to us, even if we are initially at a higher Power level than the activity. This is a brilliant change, as it will always ensure we face some form of a challenge from the enemies we encounter, even though we’ve become so powerful in the last year.

A prime example of this change will be Master Raids, where usually, you would need to be at the designated Power to play. When Lightfall arrives, even if you match the Power level of the Master Raid, the game will automatically set your Power level to 20 below what it is, ensuring the enemies you face will always hit harder and be more durable in the process.

However, one concern regarding this change is whether or not Bungie will add more rewards to make these challenging activities more worthwhile. If they’re intentionally making the game more difficult to play, then by proxy, they should add more loot for players to obtain to make the challenge much more worthwhile. Unfortunately, we won’t see what kind of rewards we’ll receive until Lightfall arrives in a week.

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