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What Was in the Note Marlene Gave to Kim in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

The Last of Us Episode 1
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What Was in the Note Marlene Gave to Kim in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

For Marlene’s eyes only!

The Last of Us series has officially debuted on HBO and HBO Max, with the season premiere already full of heavy moments sure to have both fans and newcomers alike in tears. However, the premiere also has plenty of moments meant to flesh out the world, with one such scene happening between the leader of the Fireflies, Marlene, and one of the other members, Kim. Well, for those wondering, what was on the note that Marlene gave to Kim in HBO’s The Last of Us, Twinfinite, has got you covered.

What Was on the Note Marlene Gave to Kim in The Last of Us?

It can be reasonably assumed that the note has some sort of information regarding Ellie and her infection status, as well as the fact that she’s immune to the virus. In the second half of the series premiere of The Last of Us, the Fireflies have teenager Ellie locked up in one of their hideouts. This, along with the fact that Marlene has decided for the group to leave the Boston QZ, causes one of Marlene’s most trusted Fireflies, Kim, to doubt the decisions made by their leader. In order to make Kim understand why she is doing what she is doing, Marlene hands Kim a note that is purposely withheld from the audience to cause suspense.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what was written on this note, but given that this is nowhere near the end of the Fireflies and Ellie’s infection plotline, we may, in fact, get more information in the weeks to come. As of now, though, the only thing that we can reasonably assume is on that note is the confirmation of Ellie’s infection, her immunity, and instructions to get Ellie to another Firefly location.

The withholding of what exactly is written on the note is undoubtedly supposed to create suspense in viewers as the episode’s big reveal at the end of the episode is the fact that Ellie has been infected for weeks and hasn’t changed. Clueing the viewer in on what was written on the note would understandably undermine this reveal as it would’ve given the episode’s twist away way too soon, so it’s completely understandable why the episode would do this.

That is everything you need to know regarding what is on the note that Marlene gave to Kim in HBO’s The Last of Us. For even more coverage on the video game adaptation, keep an eye on Twinfinite, with some of said coverage included down below.

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