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What Is an Android in Nier Automata Ver. 1.1A? Explained

Image Source: A-1 Pictures via Twinfinite

What Is an Android in Nier Automata Ver. 1.1A? Explained

Learn about the creations made by humankind.

The universe of Nier Automata is full of powerful cyborgs with a mission to stop the Machine Lifeforms. But what exactly are Androids in Nier Automata Ver. 1.1A? In this guide, we’ll help you understand what these beings are and why they were created.

Nier Automata Ver. 1.1A Androids Explained

In the year 5012, a massive alien invasion begins on Earth, causing humans to almost become extinct due to the brutal attacks of Machine Lifeform soldiers. As a result, the remaining survivors flee to the moon, where they plan to retaliate against their enemy by creating Androids. Androids are human-like robots who fight machines to save humanity.

When humankind reaches its breaking point in Nier Automata Ver. 1.1A, an advanced Android soldier unit known as “YoRHa” are made to stop the alien creations. These cyborg beings have multiple types: Attacker, Battle, Defense, Gunner, Healer, Operator, Scanner, and hidden sorts that are undiscovered.

One of the main protagonists of the Nier Automata series, 2B, features Type A and Type G. With these abilities, she excels in offensive strategies, making her more suitable for battle. On the other hand, 9S (another main cast member) exhibits the S Type, which is best for infiltration planning and intel gathering. Furthermore, the YoRHa androids are the only models that equip the Black Box, an energy source that powers the units.

That does it for our explanation about Androids in Nier Automata Ver. 1.1A. If you want to learn more about the anime, you check out the latest details about the characters of the show, including Lily and Pascal.

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