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Valorant Patch 6.01 Fixes Lotus Bugs & Removes Replication From the Queue

Valorant Patch 6.01 Notes

Valorant Patch 6.01 Fixes Lotus Bugs & Removes Replication From the Queue

No more exploits (probably).

After such a massive update last week with the launch of Episode 6, it’s no surprise that Valorant Patch 6.01 is only a small one. Launching next week, the update is mostly focused on fixing Lotus bugs ahead of the map’s addition to the competitive queue next week. Elsewhere, it removes Replication as a playable game mode, though you can still access it via customs if you wanted to play it with friends.

Here are the full Patch 6.01 notes:


  • The volume for the rotating doors has been reduced while rotating. Please let us know what you think. 
  • The Lotus-only queue has been removed. 
  • Lotus will now be included in the map rotation for Unrated and Competitive. MODES UPDATES 


Replication has been removed from Modes queue. 

  • Although we are shelving Replication temporarily, it is still available via the custom game option. 


Gameplay Systems 

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the third-person flashed visual indicator on an Agent’s head wasn’t in sync with the actual flash duration. (i.e. Omen’s Paranoia [Q], Phoenix’s Curveball [Q]). 
  • Fixed a bug where the Spike would be invisible and attempting to equip the Spike would fail after changing from Defender to Attacker in a Custom Game and picking up the Spike. 
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to plant the Spike after reconnecting to a match where they died while disconnected. 
  • Fixed a bug that, while using the Marshall, prevented full reloading between shots if auto-scoping is enabled. Thanks for all the reports on this! 


● Lotus 

There are several bug fixes for Lotus. Thanks to everyone who reported issues! Here are a few highlights: 

  • Boost exploit in the back of B Site has been removed. 
  • You can no longer get yourself stuck in the rotating doors (we’re pretty sure anyway, let us know if you find a way—also, you’re all very creative!)
  • Breach can now use abilities on both rotating doors. 
  • The destructible door located at A Link now has working vision cones.
  • The Spike can no longer get lost in the back of A Site.
  • Fixed a broken Spike plant spot on A Site.

Along with the launch of Patch 6.01 next week, Riot Games is also releasing a new weapon skin bundle called Luna. You can find the details here.

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