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The Day Before’s Discord Mod Doesn’t Even Know If the Game’s Real Anymore

The Day Before's Discord Mod Doesn't Even Know If the Game's Real Anymore
Image Source: Steam

The Day Before’s Discord Mod Doesn’t Even Know If the Game’s Real Anymore

The real question is does anybody know?

The Day Before has had quite the journey since its reveal in 2021. Numerous delays have set Fntastic’s zombie survival MMO behind, with the Russian developer citing a variety of reasons as to why this project has yet to meet the team’s targeted release dates.

Just when it seemed to be ready to hit its release later this month, Fntastic revealed that it would be delayed an additional eight months due to a trademark issue. It seems the plot has thickened even more, as nobody seems to believe this project is real; not even The Day’s Before official Discord mods know the full extent of the situation.

Much of the discourse surrounding Fntastic’s title is the lack of gameplay, as again, The Day Before has been in the works for well over two years with little footage showcasing the team’s effort.

Before the apparent trademark issue, the survival-based MMO was targeting Jan. 19 to launch, with almost zero details on what the final version was going to look like. When the lead Discord mod mentions that they haven’t seen gameplay or even questions the title’s validity, there’s serious cause for concern, aside from the fact of the title’s suspicious development.

The Day Before is an upcoming survival MMO tasking players with navigating a post-apocalyptic America full of undead and hostile survivors. Its new release date is Nov. 10, 2023, barring any future delays, for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S.

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