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Team Sweet Wins the Latest Splatfest in Splatoon 3

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Team Sweet Wins the Latest Splatfest in Splatoon 3

Turns out that Team Sweet CAN have its cake and eat it too.

Team Sweet has emerged victorious in the latest Splatfest competition in Splatoon 3. Frye’s team beat both Team Spicy and Team Sour to answer the question of which is the best taste sensation.

The breakdown of points was a little bit different this time around. For the first time, Tricolor Battles counted as a separate category of points. This was the first Splatfest in which any of the three teams could appear as the defending team in those three-way turf war battles.

Here is the breakdown of which teams won points in each category:

  • Sneak Peak (8p) – Team Sweet (34.40%)
  • Popularity (10p) – Team Sweet (56.84%)
  • Open Battles (12p) – Team Sweet (35.57%)
  • Pro Battles (12p) – Team Sour (34.11%)
  • Tricolor (15p) – Team Spicy (33.89%)

According to this breakdown of points, Team Spicy earned 15 points, Team Sweet earned 30 points, and Team Tour earned 12 points.

The Splatfest lasted all weekend long, starting on Friday evening and lasting through Sunday evening. After the first half ended on Saturday night, Team Sweet was the leading team by a pretty large margin, so it’s little surprise it was able to hold onto the lead throughout day two to win.

This was the third official Splatoon 3 Splatfest since the release of the game last year in September. Back in November, Team Water swept the competition in the Grass vs. Fire vs. Water Splatfest.

All participants of the Splatfest will receive Super Sea Snails, which are used to add sub ability slots on gear and reroll gear abilities; the higher rank you earned while battling during the Splatfest the more Super Sea Snails you’ll receive, with Team Sweet participants earning a bonus number.

It seems like Splatfests may alternate months with Big Run competitions in Splatoon 3; last month, the first Big Run event was held. Although it has not yet been confirmed, there may be another Big Run before the next Splatfest, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

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