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Destiny 2’s New Festival of the Lost Armor Will Bug You in the Best Way

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2’s New Festival of the Lost Armor Will Bug You in the Best Way

Festival of the Lost will be creepy and crawly this year!

The last couple of weeks have been non stop updates and reveals for the upcoming Lightfall DLC in Destiny 2. However, in the latest TWAB, Bungie has revealed that voting for the next Festival of the Lost Armor sets will begin very soon, and revealed portraits of what they look like.

In previous years, the vote for the armor sets would be held as a general community, where everyone would vote on one armor set to be the main feature of the event. Last year it was Monsters vs. Mechs, and the community voted for the Mech armor set. However, this year Bungie is adding a twist to the voting.

When the voting begins, each class can vote for a specific armor set they want, rather than everyone voting for one set as a whole. For example, if Titans and Hunters want the Spider set, and Warlocks want the Beetle set, they can vote for them individually! This is a great way to help even things out since Hunters were upset last year that they couldn’t earn their Godzilla Cloak from the Monster Armor set.

Bungie will send out emails to everyone’s Bungie account shortly. In about a month or so, most likely after the release of the Lightfall DLC, we’ll know the voting results for each class. We’ll be sure to update you on which armor sets each class gets when the results are revealed.

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