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Massive Valorant Agent Changes & Spectre Nerf Coming Soon, PBE Server Reveals

Valorant Agent changes are coming soon

Massive Valorant Agent Changes & Spectre Nerf Coming Soon, PBE Server Reveals

Out with the old, in with the new.

There’s a huge patch coming to Valorant in the near future, and while it isn’t bringing any new content in the form of maps or Agents, it’s set to overhaul Agent utility in very consequential ways. The news comes by way of the Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE) server, which has been updated with a whole host of changes that are set to be trialed over the coming weeks. If even half of them go through, it’s likely to shift the meta in a big way.

Most of the changes are nerfs, though there are some buffs thrown in the mix too. We’ll list the full breakdown below, but do keep in mind these aren’t official changes as yet. They are subject to change following their trial on the PBE. The following information was brought to Twinfinite’s attention by well-known data miner, ValorLeaks:


  • Ultimate Points Increased from 7 -> 8


  • Trapwire Health Increased from 1 -> 20


  • Prowler Health Decreased from 100 -> 60


  • Paranoia Cost Decreased from 300 -> 250


  • Blaze Cost Decreased from 200 -> 150


  • Boombot Health Decreased from 100 -> 60
  • Blast Pack Health Increased from 1 -> 20


  • Recon Bold Health Increased from 1 -> 20


  • Gatecrash Health Decreased from 100 -> 60 & Cost Decreased from 200 -> 150


  • Killjoy Lockdown Health Increased from 150 -> 200
  • Killjoy Nanoswarm Health Increased from 1 -> 20 >


  • Trailblazer Cost Increased from 250 -> 300
  • Skye Regrowth Cost Decreased from 200 -> 150


  • Wall Fortify Wall Delay has been increased from 3s -> 3.3s
  • Healing Orb will now only self-heal for 30HP instead of 60HP
  • Healing Orb will now heal for 100HP to allies instead of 60HP


  • Smoke integrity regen time 5.0s -> 25.0s
  • Max time out of smoke decreased 15.0s -> 8.0s
  • Ultimate points required 7 -> 8


  • Kayo Knife health increase from 1 -> 20
  • Ultimate points required increased from 7 -> 8


  • High Tide duration increased from 12s -> 15s
  • Cascade duration increased from 5s -> 7s

Finally, there’s also a change coming to the way the Spectre works. The SMG has for too long been overly powerful at long ranges.

  • Old Spectre Damage – 0-20 meters, 26 damage; 20+ meters, 22 damage
  • New Spectre Damage – 0-15 meters, 26 damage; 15-30 meters, 22 damage; 30+ meters, 20 damage

So there you have it, a pretty extensive list of Agent changes. Quite when they will launch (if indeed they pass the testing phase) remains to be seen, but it could be as early as next week’s Patch 5.12 or the one after in late December. If you haven’t already read up on the big Chamber nerfs that are coming soon, then check out our dedicated article here. Also, Riot Games is set to change the map rotation in early 2023 to bring Split back in and Bind/Breeze out. A new map will also launch at that time.

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