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How To Get More Poke Balls in Pokemon GO

How To Get More Poke Balls in Pokemon GO
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How To Get More Poke Balls in Pokemon GO

There’s nothing worse than running out of Pokeballs.

The Pokemon series obviously relies on capturing Pocket Monsters, but Pokemon GO takes it a step further by making it the main source for getting stronger. This comes at the cost of burning through your stash of Pokeballs much faster. If you need more, here’s how to get more Poke Balls in Pokemon GO.

How to Obtain More Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO offers several opportunities to collect Pokeballs by simply playing the game. Here’s where you should look:

  1. Open your Daily Box and or purchase from the in-game store.

    Every single day, you can open a free box of goodies for simply launching the game and visiting the in-game store. It’s an easy way to net a few Pokeballs, as well as a Potion. Of course, you can also purchase Pokeballs with PokeCoins, a premium currency.

  2. Visit Gyms and PokeStops.

    Both Gyms and PokeStops are great ways to obtain Pokeballs. Stopping by either or both, and giving them a spin will net you an assortment of items, with Pokeballs being fairly common. However, don’t camp at one area as eventually you’ll earn nothing, so make it a point to stop at multiple areas.

  3. Complete Research Tasks.

    Pokemon GO’s field research tasks provide a variety of rewards for getting them done, and since they refresh often, it can be a steady source of Pokeballs.

  4. Don’t skip Leg Day.

    Pokemon GO actually awards you for walking based on the kilometers you’ve traveled every week. There are multiple thresholds, each of which reward Rare Candies, Stardust, Pokeballs, Great Balls, and even Pokemon eggs.

With that, you have everything you need to know on how to get more Poke Balls in Pokemon GO. We suggest exhausting every other option before resorting to using PokeCoins, and only as a last resort. For more content, check out the best moveset for Bronzong in Pokemon GO or expand your roster by capturing Gimmighoul.

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