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Best Bronzong Moveset in Pokemon GO

Bronzong in the Pokemon Go Pokedex.
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

Best Bronzong Moveset in Pokemon GO

Start training Bronzong today.

Bronzong has great typing and is a solid attacker in Pokemon Go, especially in the Ultra League. Its Stamina is a bit low, but its Defense keeps it in the game. You’re probably wondering what the best moves to teach it are, so here’s everything you need to know about the best Bronzong moveset in Pokemon Go.

The Best Bronzong Moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Bronzong is Confusion and Psyshock because both moves are boosted by STAB, and Psyshock charges quickly to burn opposing Protect Shields with frequent use. Psychic takes longer to charge and doesn’t apply enough pressure. If you decide to use Bronzong in Ultra League, remember to keep its CP below 2500 when you power it up.

The reason why Bronzong’s Psychic and Steel typing is so great is that the types complement each other: Psychic neutralizes Steel’s weakness to Fighting, and Steel neutralizes Psychic’s weakness to Bug. Steel resists most types already, which works well with Bronzong’s Defense and makes it a great switch in when you’re in trouble.

Unfortunately, Bronzong loses protection from Heatproof and Levitate since Abilities don’t exist in Pokemon Go, so its weaknesses are Ground, Fire, Dark, and Ghost. Dark type is the most worrisome weakness because it barely takes any damage from Psychic moves.

That’s everything we have on Bronzong’s best move set in Pokemon Go. Check out some of our other Pokemon Go content, like Go tour 2023, season 9 updates, and how to get Gimmighoul.

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