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Best Mega Swampert Counters in Pokemon GO

Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Best Mega Swampert Counters in Pokemon GO

One type really stands out.

The powerful Mega Swampert is coming to Pokemon Go, so you’ll want to be aware of its weaknesses for raiding and PvP purposes. Swampert has made a name for itself already and could be insanely good after mega-evolving. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Mega Swampert counters in Pokemon Go.

How To Counter Mega Swampert

Grass-type is your best bet for beating Mega Swampert: Grass resists both Ground and Water attacks and hits back for 256% damage. Kartana, Zarude, Abomasnow, and Venusaur are all great choices for Mega Swampert Raids, and if you happen to get Mega Sceptile first, you’re in great shape. Use a few TMs if you can to switch to two Grass moves on the above Pokemon for maximum damage.

Other Pokemon that perform well in Mega Swampert Raids include Dragonite and Salamence because they also resist both Water and Ground moves and have high attack. Check to make sure they both have Dragon-type charge and quick moves to maximize their impact.

For PvP, Venusaur and Abomasnow are the way to go because they’re efficient STAB attackers and have decent matchups against other top Pokemon. Venusaur absolutely punishes Mega Swampert with Frenzy Plant, while Abomasnow may take longer using normal damage Ice attacks but resists everything Swampert throws at it.

That’s everything we have on countering Mega Swampert in Pokemon Go. Check out some of our other Pokemon Go content, like how to evolve Cosmoem, can you catch Zorua, and how to get Gimmighoul.

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