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God of War Ragnarok Sends Out a Heartfelt Thank You to Its Community

Image Source: rain_strive (Instagram)

God of War Ragnarok Sends Out a Heartfelt Thank You to Its Community

God of War Remains.

Sony Santa Monica Studio has released a series of videos documenting various aspects of the development of God of War Ragnarok, from the music to the actors giving Kratos the right voice in different languages. It’s a remarkable behind-the-scenes series that every God of War fan should check out; however, the latest video isn’t a peek behind the curtains but a heartfelt thank you to the community.

Featured in the video are numerous members of Santa Monica Studio, like Game Director Eric Williams, thanking the fans of the series and how much it meant to them to experience a community that wanted to see God of War Ragnarok succeed.

That cycle of inspiration and passion certainly reflected in sales, considering God of War Ragnarok became the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation game. In just the first week of the game’s release, 5.1 million copies were sold worldwide, proving that a strong community can embolden developers and their pursuit of a high-quality title.

While God of War Ragnarok didn’t take home the Game of the Year award at the Game Awards 2022, it earned six awards, such as Best Narrative, Best Score and Music, and Innovation in Accessibility, to name a few. It also managed to place in second place in our own rankings.

With that said, God of War Ragnarok still remains Game of the Year in many of its fans’ hearts, which was on full display in the video through a barrage of fan art and numerous streamers reacting to powerful and emotional scenes from the game.

Considering how God of War Ragnarok ended, it’ll be interesting to see where Santa Monica Studio plans to take the franchise now that the Norse chapter has been closed.

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