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Oh, Boy! God of War Ragnarok Has Gone Gold


Oh, Boy! God of War Ragnarok Has Gone Gold

God of War Ragnarok has finally gone gold.

God of War Ragnarok is drawing near with each passing hour and the team at Santa Monica Studio announced a major milestone earlier today. On the studio’s Twitter account, it was revealed that God of War Ragnarok has gone gold about one month before the game is set to launch for PlayStation 4 and 5 on Nov. 9.

The official tweet reads, “On behalf of SMS and all of our partners, thank you to the fans for supporting us over the course of development. We’re almost to launch and can’t wait for you to play on November 9!”

Along with the message, there was also an image in the tweet that featured a gold God of War Ragnarok logo. Below that it listed all of the studios that helped with the development of the game. Here is the full list of those nine studios:

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘gone gold’, it essentially just means that the game has reached its final fully playable form. At this point, getting the game onto physical game discs can be done and the game will start hitting store shelves and the PlayStation store in 33 short days.

God of War Ragnarok is currently scheduled to release next month on Nov. 9 exclusive for PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS5). You can check out the official tweet from Santa Monica Studios about the game going gold down below.

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