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Is WWE 2K22 Cross Platform? Answered

WWE 2K22

Is WWE 2K22 Cross Platform? Answered

All the ways to play WWE 2K22.

Professional wrestling may be the most ridiculous sport (in a good way) with competitors jumping off of ladders and hitting each other with chairs. WWE 2K22 is bound to be a good time, and you may be wondering if you can play it on whatever console you have. Here’s everything you need to know on whether WWE 2K22 is cross platform.

Is WWE 2K22 Cross Play? Answered

No, WWE 2K22 isn’t cross play, because PlayStation Players are only paired against other PlayStation players, and the same goes for Xbox and Steam; however, players can still share custom wrestlers and gear regardless of platform with a 2K account. Multiplayer mode is for groups of eight which can include a few friends and fill the rest with random players, or you can have a Royal Rumble with up to three friends.

Does WWE 2K22 Have Cross Save?

The character customization is once again a defining feature of WWE gameplay and is detailed enough that you can have a different glove on each hand. Make a career all your own or take inspiration from someone like Rey Mysterio, but if you want to echo your progress across different copies of the game, you won’t be able to.

WWE 2K22 doesn’t have cross save annoyingly enough, so if you have a digital download from the Xbox store, you won’t be able to play on the same save file on both your Xbox X downstairs and your Xbox One in your bedroom (they’re read as different games entirely, based on the console.)

That’s everything we have on whether WWE 2K22 is cross platform. For more info on the game, be sure to check out some of our other content, like the Banzai pack, all about the myGM feature, and the post-launch roadmap.

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