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Destiny 2 Getting Changes to Crafting for Lightfall DLC

Destiny 2 Crafting
Screenshot via Bungie.

Destiny 2 Getting Changes to Crafting for Lightfall DLC

Relevant changes are coming to Destiny 2’s crafting with the Lightfall DLC.

Today Destiny 2 developer Bungie announced upcoming changes that will come with the Lightfall DLC, focusing on crafting.

While Bungie is happy to see players taking advantage of the system after its introduction in The Witch Queen, there are issues that the development team would like to address in response to player feedback and to improve the feature as a whole.

First of all, we get a detailed list of pain points identified by the development team.

  • Deepsight weapons are far too common, which leads to some confusion over their value and vault stress. 
    • To a new player, it can be difficult to understand which weapons are actually craftable. 
    • To an experienced player, Deepsight weapons commonly end up in the vault simply for future currency, bringing more stress to inventory management. 
  • Deepsight weapons must be equipped for full currency extraction, causing friction with loadouts. 
    • The goal of this was so that the player would try out weapons they normally wouldn’t and to make the currency feel earned. 
    • It is also somewhat of a byproduct of our original multi-currency perk system.  
    • While this is nice to have, we’d like for players to want to try new weapons for other reasons, not just to earn crafting currencies. 
  • Farming an encounter like Shuro Chi is a very efficient method for leveling. 
    • While this can be fun for some, it is tedious and provides no useful benefits to the player or encounter. 
    • There are no methods for increasing a weapon’s level outside of equipping it. 
  • As mentioned in our Sandbox Q&A, crafted base raid weapons outclass Adept raid weapons. 
    • We want to maintain the value of Adept weapon reward drops from Master raid content.

To address the issues mentioned above, the developers are working on Changes that are planned to roll out with Lightfall. They’re not finalized yet, as they need to be developed and testing, but the general plan is as follows.

  • Goal: Reduce Deepsight weapon hoarding. 
    • Strategy: Introduce alternate ways to earn Deepsight currencies. 
  • Goal: Reduce bad luck in weapon recipe unlocking. 
    • Strategy: Provide opportunities within the crafting system to allow users to deterministically choose what weapon to target. 
  • Goal: Reduce loadout stress. 
    • Strategy: Reduce player incentives to equip a suboptimal Deepsight or crafted weapon. 
  • Goal: Improve the value of weapons rewards from Master raid content. 
    • Strategy: As mentioned in the Sandbox Q&A, give the new Lightfall raid Adept weapons access to enhanced perks. (Note that this is not going to be full, freeform crafting).

An important warning as we wait for Lightfall is that weapons that cannot be crafted will no longer drop with Deepsight, reducing hoarding.

This means that if you have these weapons in your inventory, you should complete their Deepsight objectives and extract their Resonant Elements before February 28, or you’re going to loose the Resonant Elements.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

The upcoming DLC expansion Lightfall will release on February 28, 2023, for the same platforms.

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