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MINI and Pokemon Team Up for an Electric Car Concept

pokemon mini concept car aceman electric

MINI and Pokemon Team Up for an Electric Car Concept

This Pikachu-themed electric car, which is a collaboration between Pokemon and Mini, is the coolest thing you’ll see all day.

Pokemon has teamed up with many companies over the years, but this latest collaboration is something brand new that we’ve never seen before. MINI is partnering with Pokemon to create a Pikachu-themed Mini Cooper electric car.

The new MINI Aceman is a concept that is designed to be playful, and it includes “Pokemon Mode,” which features designs surrounding Pikachu. It’s a match made in heaven since Pikachu is an Electric-type, just like how the car is electric.

MINI representative Oliver Heimer explained that the question posed was “what if a car could connect to your gaming console the way it does with your smartphone?” He elaborated that the company’s motto for this concept is to “play on,” and never stop playing.

Honestly, you’ll have to watch the video from Gamescom to get a sense of just how cool this concept is. You can take a look for yourself below to see the collaboration and concept in full effect.

Although this is the first Pokemon collaboration with a company to create an electric car concept, Pokemon has collaborated with another company for a vehicle in a way you might not be expecting.

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