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Halo 2 $20.000 LASO No-Death Challenge Beaten by Twitch Streamer JerValiN

Halo 2 $20.000 LASO No-Death Challenge Beaten by Twitch Streamer JerValiN

Halo 2 $20.000 LASO No-Death Challenge Beaten by Twitch Streamer JerValiN

The ultimate challenge has been bested.

The world of video games is already full of challenges, but sometimes, players just like to take things up a notch to prove their mastery of certain titles or genres. For Halo players, that has always been the case when it comes to completing a LASO campaign, meaning a full run on the hardest difficulty of Legendary with all gameplay modifiers, or Skulls, turned on. If that wasn’t enough to scare you off, how about the challenge of completing a full LASO run with zero deaths?

That was the gauntlet thrown down by content creator Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White to the Halo community at large. It is important to stress that other than not turning on the Envy Skull, which turns Master Chief invisible, every other Skull is working against the player. The first player to finish a Halo 2 Anniversary LASO run without dying even once will walk away with a $20,000 prize. The initial challenge with a $5,000 prize saw no takers, or perhaps, no one that competent to try, which led to Cr1tikal quadrupling his offer.

Enter Twitch streamer and Halo 2 speedrunner JerValiN, who not only took on the challenge, but crushed it in six hours, 29 minutes, and 44.17 seconds. This historic run involved not just careful and strategic gameplay, but also made use of certain skips and glitches to make life a little bit easier.

The many hours practising and grinding have led JerValiN to take home the prize money, but also put his name in the history books as the only person thus far to complete this challenge. You can check out the successful run via the VOD below:

For those who are not looking for such a tough time for yourself, there is other Halo-related content to look forward to instead. There’s Campaign Co-op incoming for Halo Infinite, or if you need a history lesson, be sure to check out how you can experience the entire saga in the right order.

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