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Digimon Survive Karma System Explained

Digimon Survive Karma System Explained

Digimon Survive Karma System Explained

How the Digimon Survive karma system affects the game.

Digimon Survive is a visual novel with a variety of outcomes depending on how you play. The endings you get and the characters who survive through the story will change depending on how you engage with the karma system. Here is everything you need to know about the Digimon Survive karma system, which affects the story and evolutionary paths of partner Digimon.

How Karma Affects Digimon Survive’s Story

Digimon Survive Karma System

The karma system has the greatest effect on the Digimon Survive story. As you play the game, you will be presented with options on how to respond to the in-game events. These options will build your karma toward Moral, Wrathfulness, and Harmony. When you pick an option, you will get an alert that your karma has changed. As an example, the text will read something like this: “Wrathfulness has changed!”

Pro Tip: In the Digimon Survive karma system, the left is Moral, top is Wrathfulness, and right is Harmony.

The path with the most points will determine which direction the story branches into later in the game. If you have chosen more Moral responses, your game will veer toward the normal route. The route will determine which characters are at risk of dying in the playthrough. You can experience completely different outcomes based on this, so it is worth playing through the game more than once to see how each path affects the story.

How Karma Affects Digimon Survive Evolution

Each of the main characters in Digimon Survive has a partner Digimon. This is a Digimon that has a special bond and attachment to a single human. As an example, the main protagonist is bonded with an Agumon. The karma you build through the story will determine the evolutionary path your partner Digimon takes as you play.

Agumon will not digivolve into Greymon by default. The champion stage for Agumon will only be Greymon if you have a high Moral stat. You can digivolve Agumon into a few different champion forms depending on the karma you’ve accumulated. This feature is only tied to the partner Digimon and free Digimon evolve through different means. You can learn more about Digivolving free Digimon using this guide.

How to See Karma in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive Check Karma

A great quality of life feature that Digimon Survive has built in is the ability to see your karma. In order to see your karma, follow these steps:

How to Check Karma in Digimon Survive

  1. Go to the Menu

    Press start to open the menu in Digimon Survive.

  2. Navigate to Profile

    Once in the menu, scroll to “Profile” and select

  3. Look at the Bottom Right Corner

    The “Profile” menu will show a “Friend List’ on the left. Keep Takuma Momozuka selected to see your karma points in the bottom right corner.

This is the Digimon Survive Karma system explained. Now you know how your karma can change each playthrough, so you get a different experience each time you play the game. For more tips, check out this guide on how to get Guilmon in Digimon Survive.

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