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How to Digivolve in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

How to Digivolve in Digimon Survive

A guide on how to Digivolve Digimon in Digimon Survive.

Arguably the most interesting aspect of Digimon Survive, and the franchise as a whole, is Digimon Digivolving. What sets it apart from Pokemon is that a Digimon evolving is never permanent; if you so choose, your Digimon can revert to a previous stage. But if you’re having trouble making it happen, here’s how to Digivolve in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive – How to Digivolve

Digimon Survive essentially has two separate ways for your Digimon to Digivolve and it comes down to the importance of that creature. Digimon that are linked to the story, such as Agumon and your friends’ Digimon, are “Partner Digimon.” Digimon you recruit are “Wild Digimon” and they have their own way of Digivolving.

How Evolving Partner Digimon Works

Unfortunately, Partner Digimon can’t evolve until you’ve reached a certain point in the story, and that’s applied to the Digimon your friends have as well. You won’t see Agumon Digivolve until the end of chapter one, for example. While you can’t force them to Digivolve as soon as possible, you do have a say in what their next stage is.

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As the story of Digimon Survive unfolds, you’ll have many opportunities to make choices that affect your Affinity and Karma. During story moments, you’re presented with three dialogue options: Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful. How often you choose one of those dialogue options is tallied. When it comes time for your Partner Digimon to Digivolve, the highest stat will determine its next stage; for example, a high Harmony stat will Digivolve Agumon into Tyrannomon.

Affinity is a score that directly affects the Digimon of your friends and how their Digimon will Digivolve when the opportunity presents itself. That means you should make an effort in speaking with your friends and raising their Affinity to gain access to better and stronger forms.

With all that said and done, once a Partner Digimon gains a new form, you can Digivolve them anytime during a fight. They’ll revert to their base form at the end. Keep in mind that to Digivolve, your Digimon need SP.

How Evolving Wild Digimon Works

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Wild Digimon Digivolve differently than your partner. The biggest departure is that once a recruited Digimon Digivolves, it’s permanent. They won’t revert to their base form like your Partner Digimon does.

Furthermore, you’ll need specific items to make them Digivolve called “Enlightenment Slabs,” which you find throughout the game as rewards and even hidden. There are three variants:

  • From Rookie to Champion, you need Mature Enlightenment Slabs
  • From Champion to Ultimate require Perfect Enlightenment Slabs
  • From Ultimate to Mega require Ultimate Enlightenment Slabs

Since the change is permanent, be cautious. A really helpful tip is to save before you Digivolve Digimon, try their new form out, then reload if it isn’t working out.

And with that, you should understand how to Digivolve in Digimon Survive. Check out other fantastic visual novels available on Steam or catch up on what’s going on with Aquarium.

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