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What Is the Release Date for Crowsworn?

What Is the Release Date for Crowsworn

What Is the Release Date for Crowsworn?

A new Metroidvania worth looking out for.

For players who love themselves a good Metroidvania, chances are, the reveal of Crowsworn late last year would have been some welcomed news. Developed by the indie studio Mongoose Rodeo, the game was notable for its excellent visuals and favorable comparisons to the likes of Hollow Knight. With such hype, it is no wonder that fans of the genre are eagerly anticipating the game. If you have been wondering about the release date for Crowsworn, let us help you out.

When Does Crowsworn Come Out?

As of now, Crowsworn is targeting a release sometime in late 2023, with the team hopeful of finishing it before then. The game will be set for launch on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, as well as the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles.

Having more than exceeded the initial Kickstarter goal, Mongoose Rodeo will be putting the final sum of about $1 million to good use with several stretch goals, including free DLC, animated cinematic cutscenes, a boss rush mode, and more.

Here’s a quick look at Crowsworn’s plot:

In Fearanndal, a dark and oppressive world, where even the air seems to carry weight, you awake from a deep slumber. You find yourself in a coffin, buried in an unmarked grave, surrounded by unfamiliar territory. Seemingly void of purpose, you venture forth attempting to retrace your steps and regain your lost memories.

Leaving your grave behind, you discover the small dilapidated village of Angsthel. The village is inhabited by peculiar characters with unknown intentions. The inhabitants speak of a world cursed by a dark god. They speak of a world forced into perpetual penance for the sins of its fathers.

In a genre like the beloved Metroidvanias, being compared to the likes of Hollow Knight, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Dead Cells is a good thing. These are some of the great games that have seen critical acclaim, and if Mongoose Rodeo can support Crowsworn for an extended period of time, this title might just be one more gem in the genre’s crown.

Now that you know more about the release date of Crowsworn, you can prepare yourself better for when this promising Metroidvania eventually hits the platform of your choice. For everything else, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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