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Ikumi Nakamura’s New Studio “Unseen” Releases New Video Showing Ongoing Construction

Ikumi Nakamura Studio Unseen

Ikumi Nakamura’s New Studio “Unseen” Releases New Video Showing Ongoing Construction

You may or may not know that Japanese developer Ikumi Nakamura (previously creative director of Ghostwire Tokyo) is forming her own studio.

You may know Ikumi Nakamura for her sparkling presentation of Ghostwire Tokyo at E3 2019 before she left Tango Gameworks and her role as the game’s creative director, or her roles in the creation of games like Okami, Bayonetta, or The Evil Within, or the skins she has designed for Rainbow Six Siege. Yet, you may not know that she has recently formed her own studio based in Tokyo, named Unseen.

Today the studio released a video featuring Nakamura-san herself and showing the construction of the developer’s headquarters in Tokyo.

While at the moment we don’t know much about the studio’s future game, besides the fact that it’s in the field of “supernatural action-adventure,” we already know the names of some of the talents Nakamura-san has gathered.

Naoki Katakai (Tango Gameworks) as CDO & Environment Art Specialist; Liam Wong (Ubisoft) as Visual Director; Raúl Ibarra (Moon Studios) as Animation Director, Misuzu Watanabe (Capcom) as Game Director and NASS as concept artist & illustrator.

UNSEEN is also made up of the following members: David Steinberg – CTO, Futoshi Miyamoto – CIO, Aaron Packard – Senior Gameplay Engineer, Brian Wanamaker – Senior Development Manager, Eriko Nagasawa – Assistant Manager, Fumie Kishiwada – U.S. Manager, Gus Martin – Gameplay Engineer, Johnny Byrnes – Technical Game Designer, Justin Nesbit – Level Design Director, Kenan Alpay – Senior Game Designer, Mai Mattori – Concept Artist, Miho Nakagawa – Assistant Producer and Shane Canning – Senior Level Designer.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what they will create, but for now, we wait. You can watch the new video below, alongside another couple previously released by Unseen.

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