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QuakeCon Will Be a Fully-Digital Event Once Again This Year


QuakeCon Will Be a Fully-Digital Event Once Again This Year

It’s just been announced that QuakeCon will still be an all-digital event in 2022. The reasoning behind this choice is that an event of this magnitude requires plenty of planning and decision-making that just isn’t currently possible with so much uncertainty in the air.

This is exactly the same fate that befell last year’s QuakeCon, as it was also a fully-digital event due to uncertainties in the face of COVID-19 and all of the health and safety concerns that could have caused issues for planners and attendees.

This year’s digital event will take place from Aug. 18-20, instead of being held in Dallas. There are hopes that the in-person event will return in 2023 with the usual contests, new games, hardware that attendees can try out, an in-person BYOC, custom PC creations, and other attractions.

Currently, the QuakeCon team is already working on virtual BROC events, charity opportunities, online meetups, giveaways, and more.

Those are all of the details we’ve been given so far, but it’s also been stated that more info regarding this year’s event will be coming in June. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop, so check back in with us as the QuakeCon 2022 date approaches.

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