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Latest Playdate Update Provides More Info on Shipping, Development, & Tools

Latest Playdate Update Provides More Info on Shipping, Development and Tools

Latest Playdate Update Provides More Info on Shipping, Development, & Tools

With the Playdate handheld console finally shipping, consumers might be eager to find out more about what is coming next for this interesting product. Thankfully, creators Panic have dropped a brand new Playdate update video for a quick update.

There is plenty to chew through in the seven-minute-long video, and here are some of the more important bits that you will need to know for the future of the Playdate.

Playdate Updates


The Group One preorders have begun shipping, and consumers who received the latest estimates from the company can rest easier knowing that Panic is ramping up the shipping volume every day to meet the demand. As for the next group of preorders, more details will be shared soon in regards to estimates and other important bits of information.

Playdate SDK

The video also touched on the recently-released Playdate SDK, which is free for anyone to create games on Mac, Linux, and PC. It includes support for both Lua and C APIs, a Playdate simulator that allows preview of games being developed, a program for making fonts, and even documentation and forums for users looking to get more out of the experience.

Side-loading Games

The Playdate supports the side-loading of created games directly into the console without the need for any other input, but Panic is hoping to give creators a lift with the Catalog app. Through this app, players can browse curated games and purchase these titles via the Playdate itself, and more will be shared in the coming months.

Playdate Mirror

Perfect for those looking to stream on Twitch or for those looking to add accessibility via custom controllers or a bigger screen, the Playdate Mirror tool will replicate what is happening on the console onto your PC, Mac, or Linux machine, together with keyboard support.

Playdate Pulp

For those looking to get started in development, the Playdate SDK might be too complicated, which is why Playdate Pulp exists. The browser-based game-making tool is relatively simpler, and could open the doors to beginners as they work within the Playdate ecosystem. The examples shared in the video definitely look interesting, and we can expect more from the community as the scene grows.

If all that is not enough, Panic is rolling out The Playdate Podcast, which will recap the development of the console and have interviews with various developers and the team behind the product. The first episode is out right now, and more will follow.

You can catch the full Playdate update video below:

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